I'm wearing my desert boots but I'm climbing the butte today. See you at the top

Looking down through the mist layer. This Butte is often surrounded by mist

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This is normally a beautiful view, but we are surrounded with cloud

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Can you see it as I can? The clouds are parting and showing the way off the butte

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Doug fir bark is so thick, it can shield the Heartwood from forest fires

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Snowberries. You can eat them, but they taste either like nothing or like soap. Anyway leave them be. They're pretty

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Uprooted Doug. You can see some folks have climbed the exposed roots

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It was a hard climb for me because I've been too busy to hike lately, but my hike back down has been wonderful. I feel so energized and glad I did this. It was so beautiful to all my senses

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Dang even the porta potty at the end smelled minty fresh. What a great hike

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@interneteh oh man. if there's anything i know abt skyrim you need to be on high alert for bears

@interneteh i'd casually written off stuff down there but now i wanna go see :)

@interneteh thanks for taking these photos and sharing them I really appreciate getting to see this place I'm not at

@emsenn Agreed. We'd go hiking in our own area, which is in the mountains of NC, but we really don't have that kind of energy.

@emsenn Whoops. Lost the tag to @interneteh in there for some reason. Thanks from us too!

@KitsuneAlicia I found out that by walking the train tracks I can get to the forest by only walking 3 furlongs, instead of 14!

@KitsuneAlicia And the walk is better because there's people who walk on the sidewalks the longer way, and in the forest, jogging and stuff, but walking down the train tracks, get to be all by myself for a little bit!

@KitsuneAlicia I'd take photos but I try and my phone goes OH let me focus on nothing! so i just get bad blurs

@emsenn Wow. That's... oddly worse than our cheap little phone that lacks autofocus in the first place.

We can take pictures up to 2560x1920 on this dinky little $80 LG Leon LTE of ours, but we'll be damned if we can hold it still enough for the pictures to not actually be blurry.

@KitsuneAlicia Yea mine is some software error because it used to take perfectly acceptable photos and now after you press to take a photo it spends 2-3 seconds (legit that long) trying to focus and then gives up and takes a shot of <blobs>

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@noctiluca they are also called soapberries. They contain surfactants and indigenous people would use them as cleanser

@interneteh It's so gorgeous. Just looking at those trees takes me back to so many good hikes in that clean air.

@interneteh I mean, you *are* on the edge (aka the rim) of the sky atm...

@interneteh On your way up the 7,000 Steps again, Klimmek?

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