Aliens is really too real. Ellen Ripley goes thru this traumatic event, nobody believes her. Her company scapegoats her, takes her ability to work away and orders her to go to a company psychiatrist. And I can only presume they intended to hold her financially responsible for the accident too, even though it was done on company orders.

The whole series would be a lot different with a good union


Dallas: if we don't investigate that distress signal, company policy dictates you forfeit your share

Nostromo Union Rep: it is illegal for you to even threaten that. Everyone get back to hypersleep and ignore this asshole.

The space station Ripley awakes on in Aliens is essentially a floating company town. Then in Alien 3, she's marooned on a prison colony. She really gets to see the worst space capitalism has to offer

@interneteh the company had ulterior motive for sending them after the signal but I definitely believe they were being assholes by trying to ignore it. Maritime law includes a duty to render aid if able and as an infinitely more hostile environment the same should be true in space

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