Our DSA chapter is writing a statement on how we can resist US imperialism from right here at home. Some actions we were going to recommend for people:
🛑identify local war profiteers and members of the military industrial complex
🛑Connect with local antiwar groups
🛑Interfere with military recruitment efforts, particularly at local high school and on campus
🛑Reach out to the local Iranian and Iraqi population for advice and mutual aid
🛑Pressure public officials to cut the military budget
🛑Recommend reading so we understand how American interventions in Iran and around the world has made all of us less safe

Let me know if you have any other suggestions

writing a draft statement now. I'm cribbing pretty heavily from Eugene Debs.

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potentially relevant to your last point:

(not directly US-related, but a good example of what can happen when your government picks a fight with the iranian republic)

USPol, antiwar, local action 

USPol, antiwar, local action 

@interneteh Can I repost a paraphrased version of this on Twitter?

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