Anti homeless sentiment 

It pisses me off to hear people talk about unsheltered people as dirty, or making messes. Sometimes they even conflate people with dirt.

Take away your sinks, your shower, your timely garbage service and any storage space and see how messy your blessed little life gets

Anti homeless sentiment 

@interneteh This is one of many reasons I believe most people can't see the big picture. The look at a homeless person and see how they are in that moment.

Not the series of personal disasters that lead to that moment. Not the struggle with mental health or addiction that doesn't make it easy to "Just get a job" or whatever else. They don't see the systemic problems that keep them down.

And worse, they don't see how they could be in the same place with just a few bad days.

Anti homeless sentiment 

@MrControll @interneteh it's not even mental health stuff that prevents finding a job necessarily. people won't hire you if you don't have an address or an up-to-date id. sometimes they won't even take you unless that id is a driver's license, cause "reliable transportation". there's so many ways jobs are gatekept even to """"high functioning""""" homeless ppl. the "just clean ur act up and get a job" crowd don't know shit

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