I dunno, just fuckin paying people to quit their nonsense jobs for websites or Jamba Juice and instead paying them $30/hr to install solar panels, plant trees, build high speed internet, retrofit buildings and build up public transit would solve a lot of problems I think

Wouldn't it just be neat if people could work for the common good and not to enrich like the dude who owns Jimmy John's? Iunno I just think that could be better.

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@interneteh But if we don’t make the owner of Jimmy Johns wealthy beyond all human need, who will go kill endangered animals in Africa?

shitposting to deal with the pain of existing in 2019 

@vector I probably should have picked someone more boring and less notorious.

@interneteh You probably haven’t even thought about the cottage industry of producing passive aggressive placards blaming the poor for being poor with Warren Buffet quotes. Without Jimmy Johns they’ll be ruined.

@interneteh yeah that sounds pretty fuckin rewarding and honourable

@interneteh we could even plant locally sustainable fruit and vegetables, instead of exploiting the global south!

@interneteh As someone who just spent a couple afternoons installing a solar kit on the shed in our vegetable garden and is itching to learn more about solar, I fully endorse this idea.

@Elizafox @interneteh although it would pull enough people away to require increases in wages in the other jobs too

@interneteh ideally, if workers owned their workplaces, people would be retrained for different work if some kind of work is found to be unnecessary or out of date.

@interneteh This is effectively what the WPA did - paid people to build public infrastructure. It was effective. Sure, yes, let's do that again.

@WanderingBeekeeper well yeah, there's still hiking trails that were originally established by the WPA. Nearly 100 years old

@interneteh idk. Im a computer guy. I think the only thing in that list i could do properly may be plant trees or setup high-speed internet. As long as i dont work for comcast that is

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