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What ways can we use flora and fauna to disrupt construction or destroy buildings?

A friend of mine is setting up an instance and was wondering about what instances besides to block for general getting rid of neo-nazi and shitty stuff. Do we have a list anywhere of that sort?

sunbeam meta 

What, and I can not stress this enough, the fuck.

if you haven't seen it already, we have a platform for discussing the future of SBC and resolving the issues with the instance and the coop that have been raised by current and former members. It can be found at Both members and observers of the instance are invited to participate in discussions.

If left handed people are 10% of the world, what percentage of sporting victories would they need to hold in order to be considered DOMINATING sport?

Would be an interesting coding project to modify ebooks bot to use it's own posts that get interaction as input.

Can anyone recommend a good @peertube instance for an African-American solidarity economy project that is not ready to host its own instance?

If you think you're building The Future

And the team you have assembled to do so

Is less diverse than even the bridge of the Enterprise as depicted in the TV show from 1966

You are probably not building the future we all hoped for

Usa general strike, mayday, shitpost, unless.... 

If you're in the United States. Don't go to work may 1st 2020 pass it along. Make preparations. Hello out those who can't afford to miss the day off work if you can. Let's get this happening all across the country.


I dislike Kamala Harris's record and policies as much as the next leftist and I'm glad she won't be president, but cackling too long and too hard about her dropping out starts to look a lot like misogynoir

prison industrial complex, dystopias better then the real world 

A friend on facebook posted recently:

"Oh no, my student is writing a dystopia about the prison system that is actually not as bad as the current system..."

just remembered one of my high school technology fixations. who wants to get together with me and build a solar updraft tower

I don't know what/how much I will be posting here as opposed to playvicious I am mostly making timelines easier to navigate.

I am going to unfollow some of yall here and follow you instead from @imani trying a thing to organize my follows to different accounts

This is such a good character creator idea:

This and more black texture hair options please.

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