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What ways can we use flora and fauna to disrupt construction or destroy buildings?

prison industrial complex, dystopias better then the real world 

just remembered one of my high school technology fixations. who wants to get together with me and build a solar updraft tower

I don't know what/how much I will be posting here as opposed to playvicious I am mostly making timelines easier to navigate.

I am going to unfollow some of yall here and follow you instead from @imani trying a thing to organize my follows to different accounts

This is such a good character creator idea:

This and more black texture hair options please.

TIL that pirates believed in free community education and the public domain of knowledge...

So the etymology of online piracy does actually have some accuracy to it... huh

It's Transgender Day of Rememberance:
Support the trans folks around you in whatever ways you are able: emotionally, financially, etc, especially trans poc.
The fediverse is chock full of incredible folks who will benefit from your direct support. More comfortable with supporting an organization? Here's a great one:

Don't have money to spare? Boost some toots from folks requesting financial assistance and/or promoting their art or other projects. :heart_trans:​

TDOR, message to trans women 

hivemind shitpost 

I feel like I'm being paranoid but it feels a little weird to point out that the person you're complaining about is trans when it doesn't seem them being trans had anything to do with the behavior/thing you're complaining about?

cultural appropriation, linguistic anthropology, "woke" 

hivemind shitpost 

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