Things autism research could be about:

- How does autism radar work?
- Do we have an easier time communucating with other autistics because our ways of communication are similar, or because we've all had to learn to accomodate the people we're talking to?
- What can be done to prevent and treat autistic burnout?
- What even *is* autistic burnout exactly?
- What effects does masking have on your mental health?
- What autistic traits are actually traits of autism, and which ones are trauma responses?
- How is a non-traumatized autistic brain work?
- How can we better accomodate autistic people?

What autism research is about:
- How do we make the autistic people stop existing?

@ijyx hey come on, autism research is about more than that

it's also about how they can make money trying to get us to stop existing lmao
@ijyx > Do we have an easier time communucating with other autistics because our ways of communication are similar, or because we've all had to learn
It's most likely the former. Before I even knew what autism was there where other people I recognize now I got along with very well and it "just clicked". At that time I thought most people were absolute assholes and that's just the way the world works. I didn't realize they weren't being assholes on purpose but just having an uncontentious reaction to what was weird to them talking to an autistic person.

@ijyx instead its mostly

- how do we help the parents
- are there any drugs to make people less autistic
- how can we make autistic people cope with the world
- how gut bacteria causes autism (google it I swear -_-)

@transbunny it's not even "how can we make autistic people cope with the world", it's "how can we make the world cope with autistic people"

@ijyx anecdotally my money is on getting along with other autistics better because we think similarly rather than having learned to be accommodating. I also suspect that being less clued-in to unspoken social “rules” makes us less judgmental which makes all social interaction more enjoyable. There is some research that suggests autistics are not the problem when it comes to difficulty between ND and NT folks, the NT people have biases that make everyone else uncomfortable.

@ijyx while I appreciate the sentiment of your post I feel like a lot of research is being done on the topics that you mention..

mental health 

@ijyx what even is autistic burnout exactly?

This is a serious question. I haven't heard this phrase before and am having trouble mapping it out any one set of personal experiences, even though (or perhaps because "burned out" has been my entire last year)

Also experience tells me that the autism spectrum runs from failing to notice, to refusing to accommodate, to being required to accommodate, to requiring oneself to accommodate, other people's behaviors.

re: mental health 

@WizardOfDocs @ijyx This is still one of the best resources I've come across in years of looking and connecting. Kieran Rose's blog.

@ijyx "How do we make the autistic people stop existing?"

I can save the people trying to answer that a lot of time and money with a single word.

Unfortunately that word is murder.

@ijyx you forgot about "how can we put autistic people to work for us and eugenic away the useless ones"

@ijyx I'm sick of neurotypicals acting like we autistics are something to be "cured" when it's obvious we are, if not a step forward for humanity, at the very least a major positive contribution to the rich tapestry of humanity. I'm tired of being treated like some sort of genetic damage.

@anarchiv A lot of autistic people are able to recognize other autistic people, sometimes even before interacting

@ijyx Ah, I presumed that's what you meant but wasn't sure. Thanks!

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