I need to explain this image to non-German-speakers. There's no reason for this, I just want to.

So this is a poster by a party in Germany. The phrase "Nazis töten." can have two translations:
1. Nazis kill
2. Kill Nazis

The party got sued for inciting violence, but got out of it by stating that, by using a period at the end instead of an exclamation mark, they made it clear that it wasn't an appeal (And should be taken to mean "Nazis kill", not "Kill Nazis")


Nazis töten.

@ijyx do you believe, in context, that that was what was intended

@monorail Hard to say, it's a leftist satire party

I'd say they wanted it to sound as ambiguous as it did. Idk a single slogan or poster by them that isn't based on some sort of joke or pun. So I assume it's meant as a pun, and the rest was intentionally left open for interpretation

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