Fruiting Reishi and Lions Mane Jars In An SGFC

Daniella ( and I have been doing a lil experiment trying to fruit reishi and lions mane from jars in a shotgun fruiting chamber.
We innoculated grain jars with liquid culture (courtesy of kiezpilz), then did a grain to grain transfer (in a still air box) and have now put some fully myceliated jars in the sgfc.
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How to clean monotub after contamination?

After a monotub contamination, I’m cleaning the monotub to prepare for a new round.
I tried pouring a bit of water into the monotub, as well as bleach, and then using a towel dipped in the solution to wipe down the surfaces (while wearing gloves).
image3264×2448 2.26 MB
Then I closed the lid, draped the towel on top, and am letting it sit for a couple hours with the bleach s...

Research on DIY bio/Community Biology: Share your experiences

Hi everyone,
I am a social science researcher studying DIY biology/Community Biology. I am working on a PhD thesis, which compares how the movement is imagined in Germany, Canada, and the UK.
This is to say that I look at how DIY bio communities, relationships with sponsors and the publics as well as regulatory environments co-evolve a...

How often should I ran the ventilation?

Hello everyone! I’m very new to this and I’m planning to do a little growing in my room. I’m thinking to build a growing tent with size of 69x49x160 with 3 shelves. The question I got now is if I have to be running the ventilation all the time or how often should I run it? The reason is that I live in a one room apartment and I don’t want to be hearing the fan noise all the time...

Cultivation attempt Stropharia rugosoannulata (Wine cap) and Pleurotus djamor (Pink oyster)/ winter experiment in the outdoors

Hey friends,
Long time since I last checked into this space. Landed back in South Africa after living in the USA for about a year, with no mushroom cultivation going on at all.
Excited to fire up the pressure co...

Reishi in shotgun fruiting chamber?

Has anyone trying fruiting reishi, from a grain jar, or from a bag, in a shotgun fruiting chamber?
I’m trying to come up with fun, easy, rewarding ways to grow to get people started and having good results.
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Grains jars with shotgun fruiting chamber?

The last couple times I tried to show friends how to grow monotubs it got contaminated.
This time thinking of trying to fruit grain jars in a shotgun fruiting chamber (similar to PF-Tek, but we have a pressure cooker, so might as well make grain jars instead of pf-tek jars?).
Is there anything special to think about with fruiting grain jars in an sgfc? I imagine just takin...

Papers on fungi and everything

Hi people,
this is the place for all the papers, books, and other literature on fungi that you always wanted to share and talk about!
Madan L. Verma (editor), Anuj Chandel (editor) - Biotechnological Production of Bioactive Compounds-Elsevier Science Ltd (2019).pdf (9.1 MB) Filamentous fungal applications.pdf (4.1 MB)
I hope you enjoy the read and feel inspired to add your own papers!
Mush love!...

Tropical Spore Collection

Hej peeps,
my partner is in the Brazilian rainforest atm and she found many incredible fungi species. It would be a great opportunity to enhance our strain collection in the community and to experiment with their properties. I did a drawing to illustrate different techniques to capture the spores - please let me know about your ideas on how to extract and preserve the genetics. Especially the round shaped...

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