@handle this seems especially suitable where I am given there is a referendum in Alberta on whether to adopt Saskatchewan time to stop changing our clocks twice a year...and if enough people vote yes the change would take effect at month end

@handle This seems to be going around as I know 2 other people, including myself that can relate.

@trondd in the last 2 weeks I have personally experienced:

⏲️😢 person arranged a call in their own timezone, specified it as UTC offset, got the offset wrong, we all turned up at the wrong time

⏲️😢 2 people in Europe arranged a call in UK time for some reason, but said the timezone was "GMT" when really it's BST at the moment, we all turned up at the wrong time

⏲️😢 someone's calendar automatically moved a call from 4pm UK time to 4pm in their local time, 10pm UK, they and another person turned up at the wrong time as a result

⏲️😢 person organised a call in their own timezone, forgot all other timezones existed and didn't specify, everyone turned at the wrong time

@morre @trondd oh wow I can't even imagine how bad it would be if there wasn't a shared calendar involved 😅

"but how can a calendar not solve all these problems?"

👉 forgetting to put a meeting in the calendar at all
👉 putting it in too late, not realising that it'd require some people to set alarms and get up early
👉 adding it in in the wrong timezone because your calendar app doesn't do timezones (gnome-calendar, looking at you...)
👉 setting up a recurring meeting with a timezone that switches to and from daylight savings at different dates to the timezone that the meeting is advertised in
👉 not sending a calendar invite to an external person, so everyone on the shared calendar turns up together at a different time to who they're meeting

@handle @trondd ah, human Error.

My work uses google calendar. Just works. But you have to put stuff on it, yeah :D

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