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Apparently 9:52am now counts as "late morning or lunchtime". Oh well, at least the guys who came to fix the thing actually fixed the thing.

Why is the UK version of Etsy giving all its prices in Australian dollars???

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Happy New Year hoomans.

Be kind to each other, and remember to add giving Freya Kitteh more love in 2021, to your resolutions list.


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people get weirdly angry if you mention that state pensions are a benefit

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For a while now I've secretly loved holly trees that grow in that "lollipop" shape and how they look by a front door. I've had a voucher for Christmas and I think I'm going to buy one.

Does anyone have any advice about which varieties of holly are most suited to pruning into that lollipop shape? I'm assuming dense and slow-growing would be the characteristics to look out for? Advice welcome!

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joke about COVID restrictions 

@griffinkate tier 10: the planet has been hit by an asteroid but the schools are still open

joke about COVID restrictions 

Rules for new Tier 5 areas:

* Food shops closed, so we must all forage for nuts and berries
* You're only allowed to talk to yourself outdoors
*Thinking about hairdressers is illegal
* Schools still open

Tier 6:

* Everybody must self-isolate in a cupboard for 40 days and 40 nights
* Cupboards to be supplied by a company that was set up last week by a friend of Matt Hancock's who has no previous experience of making cupboards
* Schools still open

Tier 7:

* Humming to yourself is now illegal
* Everybody who was previously in a Tier 6 area is in hospital with Faulty Cupboard Syndrome
* Thinking about the concept of friendship is illegal
* Schools somehow still fucking open

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long covid / me/cfs 

like, there's an emphasis of the apparent exoticness of the symptoms of long covid but: every one of the symptoms i've seen described in accounts of long covid i have experienced myself as symptoms of chronic post-viral M.E. every account of long covid is intimately familiar to me and the millions of other people with M.E. the only thing novel is that the inciting virus in this case is newish rather than one of the many unfashionable viruses that usually triggers the condition

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Fatphobia, restriction 

Absolutely fucking sick of seeing diet promotion everywhere/people posting before and after shots

Yeah you worked hard etc but I was bulimic up until 2 years ago and seeing you talk about hideous you were 'before' when you looked just like I do now makes me want to go back there

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Today I found something I thought I'd lost. A 390 million year old Trilobite fossil given to me on my 50th by my dear friend Kerri. I'd admired it in a shop and decided I'd go back and get it the next day. However, she was ahead of the game and snuck out and got it for me 😊

It disappeared when we last moved house and despite looking for it numerous times over the last couple of years, distressingly, I couldn't find it. Then today, when sorting out my study, I opened a box of cards & letters from friends over the years, and there it was. Somehow seems to be a fitting place to find it. I'm so joyous I found it!

I never told Kerri I lost it, in the hope I would magically find it one day. So yeah, sorting through stuff can bring you treasure.

OK, this is a long shot, but: I have issues of Permaculture magazine from 2014, 2015 and 2016. It comes out quarterly, so that's 12 mags.

Does anybody want any of them?

Happy to post (within the UK).

TFW you're chatting to someone and you don't want to repeat something they've already heard, so you say something like "Have you already read about this on Masto?" and they start defensively explaining why they gave up on the fediverse.

IT'S OK! You can choose what social media platforms to engage with! I am literally just asking so I don't tell you something you already know!


For various Reasons I have googled about 20 different inventions today, and Google does it every. damn. time. (Yes, I know I should use a different search engine. I do use Ecosia on my phone!)

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TFW you ask Google when a thing was invented and Google's like:

"What's that you say? You want to know when an American first found out about this thing and started selling it commercially?"

I do not think that word "invented" means what you think it means.

CO2, climate change 

I was trying to get my Trash folder up to 1979 (the year I was born) but overshot!

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Please note: everyone who's doing all this performative work to get something Chrome-like to respect their privacy and agency instead of switching browsers is actively making the ecosystem worse by showing the webdev community that it's fine to ignore non-chrome browsers.

Christmas, UK 

The price of stamps goes up in January, so now would be a good time to stock up - if it wasn't for the risk of having a pile of Christmas-themed stamps that you're still using in summer!

But last week I went to the post office to send some Christmas cards and was surprised that they gave me normal stamps. I said "Oh, no Christmas stamps?" and got the reply: "They're over."

The lady behind the counter explained because there's been no Scout Post this year, way more people have used the normal post, and cleaned them out of Christmas stamps.

Brilliant news! So today I went to the post office to stock up on normal stamps before January, asked for a dozen of each...and got Christmas stamps. 🤦‍♂️

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MECFS +, writing about slow onset ME 

After 2 years of wanting to write it, and having started writing in July, I finally submitted my article on developing 'slow onset ME' (to ME Association magazine) today.

It was very much improved by my dear friend @griffinkate who edited it and turned my foggy ramblings into a coherent whole. (if you're ever looking for an editor, I highly recommend Kate, she's truly brill.)

I am so happy about finally doing this. There is so little about slow onset ME* out there and I wanted to share my experience so it might help others working out their own diagnosis. Feels so good to have achieved this.

*most people seem to get ME after having a virus, whereas for some people, like myself, it developed gradually over many years.

#MECFS #SlowOnsetME #ChronicIllness

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