Just a reminder, UK folks: I run a wiki about places to pass on things that you no longer need. It's called Pass It On.

I'm always looking for SPECIFIC, GENUINE and RECENT examples of charities/other orgs that will take things that might otherwise go to landfill.

Please, no hearsay or vague recommendations. But if YOU PERSONALLY have got a charity to take something IN THE RECENT PAST, I am desperate to hear about it.

So many boosts for this! Thank you all so much!

@griffinkate This is extremely useful to me right now, I plan on moving flat soon and I'm going to have some cruft to be rid of soon.

@stolas_mk2 I hope it can be useful to someone! And if you have any tips to share (UK-specific) then do let me know!

@griffinkate My partner handles intake for a local charity shop that handles some unusual stuff. I'll pass the link on to her.

@griffinkate Freecycle may not count, but it's a Craigslist-esque site that's all about "hey this thing is free, please take it" instead of charging money.

@IceWolf I know about Freecycle and Freegle, I'm looking for specific organisations that actively want/seek specific types of thing.

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