Just a reminder that I run a wiki called Pass It On about where to send things at the end of their useful (to you) life.

It's really just focused on the UK at the moment - don't know if that will change in future.

@griffinkate did you mention you knew of somewhere you can send old but still working, mobile phones? I couldn't see it on the wiki but I recall some convo about it.

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah, the company is called Envirofone and was recommended by Martin Moneysaver. I haven't added it to the wiki yet because I haven't used them myself yet (and nor has anyone I know).

If you end up using them, please let me know how it goes so I can add it to the wiki!

@GwenfarsGarden OMG...just looked at the site...and they're selling a refurbished phone almost identical to my current one but with double the storage. I was planning to buy the most futureproofed new one possible...but this seems like a better option.

@GwenfarsGarden Meanwhile I'd like to give them all my and J-P's old phones, but I can't because they don't recognise any of the brands. Clearly they're all too old!

@griffinkate Ok, one of my phones is too old and so I cannot send that in. But they will take my 2016 Samsung, and say I'll get £12 for it.

@griffinkate I'm now waiting for the envelope. Will report back once I've hopefully sent back and got some money from them.

It does mean I have one I don't know what to do with. If anyone answers your question on birdsite, let me know!

@GwenfarsGarden Thank you!

Yes, I've had a suggestion on birdsite but I'm going to follow up with the charity and try it myself before I add it to the wiki. I'll tell you as soon as I do.

@GwenfarsGarden (Because I don't want to burden them with electronic waste if they can't actually recycle it/have to pay to dispose of it. so I want to be really sure exactly what they take.)

@griffinkate OK, I'm going to give it a go. I have 2 phones, so I'll see if I can sell one, and donate one to charity, and see how each process goes. Will let you know.

@GwenfarsGarden Thank you! I realise you have limited energy, so no rush reporting back.

@griffinkate @GwenfarsGarden Solidaritech might be worth a try - it's possible they may take older phones. They refurbish old gear and redistribute to refugees and asylum seekers. They seem to take individual donations although I'm not sure how small.

@neil @griffinkate thanks for this. Envirofone did take one of my phones, but not an older one. I'll try Solidaritech out and will report back.

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