There's a pub less than a mile from my parents' house.

They've never walked there. I've never been there at all.

My cousin and his wife were staying and wanted to try it, so on Saturday we walked there. Only to realise when it was a few yards away that we were separated from it by a thunderingly busy road and to get there safely we'd have to go a long way round through multiple pedestrian crossings.

My cousin and his wife couldn't be bothered going that far out of their way when the pub was RIGHT THERE, so they dashed across and narrowly missed being hit by a lorry. I waited ages to follow safely and then narrowly missed being hit by a different lorry.

This is car culture. When short distances are judged to be unwalkable because of the threat of traffic.

@griffinkate The same happens with bicycles (USA). Streets are specifically designed so that there's only 1 or 2 ways in & out of any area, to route traffic to major streets. This means you can't stay on side streets to get from A to B. You're forced to get out on a busy street-not just cross it, but ride on it for a while at least.

If you do manage to get somewhere alive, there's no place to lock your bike. Very few places, like the library have any bike racks. Stores and such never do.

@leadore I'm sorry it's so hard to cycle where you live.

From what I can tell, the USA is way worse than the UK but you have some oasises (oases) of bike-friendliness in the bigger, trendier cities? Is that right? (Of course, that's no help if you don't live in one!)

@griffinkate Yes, some cities are supposedly very bike-friendly. Sure, lots of cities have "bike trails" made for recreational riding, but rarely would your residence and desired destination be anywhere near one.
About 10 years ago my city (after a year or 2 of arguing whether it was worth spending money on), conducted a "bike study" to make the city more bike-friendly. I was very hopeful ...

They did spend a lot of money on the study, which dragged on for another year or 2. Meanwhile, I kept getting older ...
Finally the study was done, then they had to argue about funding to carry out any of the suggestions.

So 10 years later, I can say, no--it wasn't worth it. All that was done was painting some "bike route" symbols and replacing some street signs with bike logo signs on streets that were designated to be the official bike routes...


They never did anything to make it safer to ride your bike.
Drivers paid no attention other than to briefly notice that some symbols had been painted.
No modifications or barriers were put in place anywhere to separate bikes from car traffic. Not even separate painted-on bike lanes.
And no additional bike racks installed. Nothing has changed.


@leadore This is really depressing to hear. I'm sorry to hear it. I suppose we just have to keep making our voices heard.

@griffinkate Yes, I think it will gradually get better for both walking and riding, but it takes time and money. At least the big cities are working on it, and small towns are OK too, since they don't have so much traffic.

BTW sorry for such a long rant!


@leadore Don't be sorry for the rant - I learnt something!

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