When I was a kid I thought the reason people were such big fans of actors was because the whole film was only shot once and they had up to 2 hours of lines memorized, had impeccable timing and the right camera angles and body language at each scene.

I lost so much respect after finding out that they didn't do it all in one take that I never cared about what actors did after that.

The fact that the American Revolutionary War happened over being told to pay taxes and some port trade issues, resulting in a unanimous vote for independence from Britain in the span of like 3 months, but now we can't even get people to unanimously agree that police killing citizens is bad and laws for human rights takes so LONG to be pitched and processed is so pathetic it borders on slapstick.

I'm turning this into a very personal, half vent half stream of consciousness thing, not seeking interaction. I uninstalled all social media but I needed a place where I could tap out a thought, send it off & not have it physically take up space in my notes app.

Polyfrag DID, extreme abuse survivor. Expect that kind of content. I've been diagnosed since before Tumblr was relevant. More so just warning existing followers because I'm too lazy to clean this shit out & I don't care.

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The web is fucked. It’s a sad state of affairs that we’re in - gone are the days of Web 1.0 where the humble personal blog and the likes of GeoCities reigned supreme.

Instead we’ve been left with Web 1.0’s rotten remains where centralisation, monopolies and tracking are the order of the day.


ofc i've seen this outside living spaces also, like when i was at school or at parties or w/e but i always assumed they were trying to sound "cool" and that they were different at home. but this is like some weird dystopian nightmare where their whole personality is just social media.

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white people really have No personality. living with 2 white people has really taught me that like they just parrot tumblr and twitter posts back and forth to each other as if they came up with it and that counts as "conversation." every new trend on social media and that's suddenly their whole personality. kind of creepy really.

god i'm gonna be so glad when i get my ssdi and get the fuck out of dodge

sexual assault, rape, abuse 

i keep forgetting about this app but since i can't talk about this anywhere else. my partner sexually assaulted me and two therapists agree that it is rape and that they are actively abusing me. they might be wrong though, i might have twisted it to make them believe that. but if they're right. i have no way out. they know all my money links and social medias (except this one). i'm still waiting on disability and i can't live off of SSI if they give me it instead of SSDI. so i'll have to room with SOMEONE or get real cheap shitty housing...

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One of my hips don’t lie and the other don’t tell the truth. How will you proceed, adventurer?

Anyone know anything about hearing issues? 

@RadioAngel it sounds like an ear infection tbh

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Fun fact: you can't name any file anywhere in windows 10 "aux.txt" or "aux" anything with any extension, because it was a reserved name in CP/M before dos was a thing.

If you commit "aux.txt" to a git repo, you break it for windows users. If you distribute "aux.txt" in a zip file, windows computers cannot extract it without error.

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Wow I just found out that color printers add coded dots onto every page you print so that it can be traced back to where and when it was printed. Umm.... did anyone else know about this en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_

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@pea well what are u looking for specifically? non-ubuntu/debian distros are mostly gonna be not beginner friendly since a) they're not as popular (read: have less questions answered) and b) are geared more toward people with linux exp

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I'm okay at drawing, but my erasing skills are off the chart

@saltqueer you get used to it! there are also cheat sheets for ubuntu and linux in general :3

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Amazon-owned companies to avoid 

Spoiler: Amazon owns a lot of stuff.

Personally, I'm going to avoid as much as possible during the strike (Prime Day). Let me know if I missed anything.

▪️ A9
▪️ AbeBooks
▪️ AWS (probably can't avoid this!)
▪️ Book Depository
▪️ ComiXology
▪️ GoodReads
▪️ Graphiq
▪️ IMDb
▪️ Twitch
▪️ Whole Foods
▪️ Woot
▪️ Zappos

I won't guilt you if you need Amazon to survive, but fortunately, I don't, so I'm going to do what I can.

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