And, mainly, it is embarrassing because I'm an immigrant and somehow have obtained more functional and practical knowledge about the US govt than some native born citizens

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not to be rude to the American public but the fact that y'all largely don't know how your own govt system works is deeply embarrassing if only for the reason that you keep talking about it like you DO know but it's all flagrantly wrong information

me knowing twitter tracks and reports data vs mga kababayan / CPP-NPA not using literally Any other platform for revolutionary organizing despite already being classified by the gov as terrorists and getting red tagged 😩 my beloveds use another site

I spent $20 getting emergency mh certified for Resume Purposes and it did not teach me anything I didn't already know from growing up in the 00s when everybody was fucked up and discovering that the "anonymity" of the internet lets them overshare

So today I found out that Will Smith turned down a scholarship to MIT so he could pursue hip hop, and then later on turned down the role of Neo The Matrix to star in a movie that so drastically failed that it lost $60 mil (though I think it's a great slapstick comedy). The Choices this man made in life...

@NChechulin It's free, open source, and comes with a browser extension so you can save papers from your browser instead of downloading->transferring from downloads folder into Zotero. It is apparently being used as the standard app in several grad school programs.

I downloaded Zotero and now I finally have a cohesive and organized spot to dump a bunch of research papers. And it's nicely organized file-wise so I can stick everything on a USB. This is the sexiest I've ever felt. I do tend to hoard papers so having folders and subfolders and summaries on the side is so 😩💦

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Therapists are all pretty well aquainted with depression & anxiety so your main search modifier is queer friendly. Therapists are not really going to interfere with your kinks unless it's clearly unhealthy. Therapists don't make blanket approvals about substance use, so even if they disapprove for 1 person's use doesn't mean anything.

At either email/phone contact or in your intake session, just mention the shrooms, current/past sex work, and note the response.

mh (+), recommendation request 

@sabogato Just making sure you know that even when remote, many therapists can't practice across state lines because of state licensure differences and paperwork for each state. Of the ones that do operate across state lines, it's not all states (eg, I know someone that is licensed in CA & NY only, my T does a few southern states).

Tips: go in psychologytoday and input your preferences, + check their socmed for personal views, email them with questions.

Instead of writing an essay for a boring GenEd course, I have:
• created a spreadsheet comparing various data points of different schools
• compiled transfer guides
• nearly created my own web scraper, half for fun
• made an RSS feed to retrieve research and field of study news, including custom alerts from my school's research databases
• created boards within the RSS feed to bookmark articles that fit specific interests/focus points
• signed up for a bunch of events

Also I am not legally allowed to drive because of seizures!!! You know!!!! One of the disabilities I have!!!! Extra fun for the whole family to try and find a faxing place on SUNDAY because I got their shitty fucking mail this afternoon with not enough time to fill it out before places close.

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The Social Security Disability office: Yes we know you've been waiting for us to decide on your SSDI case for *checks calendar* Almost Two Years but consider filling out many pages of paperwork and faxing it less than 24 hours after you got it (with the deadline on Sunday when EVERYTHING IS CLOSED) otherwise we'll make a decision without it :) It's not like having a disability makes this hard or anything.

@Mastodon Adding another vote to working with Tusky devs rather than unnecessarily usurping what they've already done. Especially given Masto is open source and federated and it would be antithetical to these concepts to imitate social media company owned apps.

@violet @alienskyler No clue how boiling was supposed to help lmao. According to laboratories who deal with sulfuric acid, you're kind of fucked except you can put baking soda in to neutralize the acidity. Which, hilariously, Samsung dumped a bunch of baking soda into the bodies of water they affected (before they reported it to authorities) as well as lime treatment to try to fix it. I'm guessing the lime treatment is more what people are boiling out.

It's totally not connected, we Promise. - City officials, probably.

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Samsung spilled 763,000 gallons of sulfuric acid into the water of Austin, with news going from "everything's fine!" to saying it killed all affected aquatic life & turned concrete orange. Then Austin issued a boil water notice for the entire city. The day after this hits NYT's front page, the city lifted the boil water notice at 1am (despite the testing facility closing at 5pm & multiple districts of the city still untested). No official reason has been given at all for the boil notice.

Me understanding that I'm generally considered to be unusually intelligent vs me being surprised I get good grades vs me understanding that IQ is fake bullshit vs me thinking I am an inept idiot vs me thinking everyone else is an inept idiot: I contain multitudes

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@violet You look so adorable!! :uwu: I love the Look.

Me & my professor 🤝 hating the tech field for butchering how fun tech is and never wanting to touch the tech field ever again

Also there's something to be said about how people are REALLY obsessed with suffering and pain in media. Thinking that for things to be "deep" or meaningful they have to showcase suffering to the point of fetishistic ogling rather than respectful acknowledgement. I am tired of looking at pain. I am tired of "harsh lessons" and "grittiness" in media being praised when really it just states an obvious fact.

Give me something that doesn't hurt, or recovers from hurt. Give me kindness and hope.

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