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if you are interested in a long-form version of this argument, replete with historical examples, i recommend Twitter and Tear Gas by Zeynep Tufekci: twitterandteargas.org/ (open the menu and click 'find it here' to download for free).

but seriously, haven't we learned this a thousand times over? am i taking crazy pills?

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Submission are open for the first volume of The Essential Worker! I think it’s something a lot of people here in Sunbeam would be interested in, go check us out at the link: essentialworker.website/

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‪“harry and kim” ‬
‪star trek brain: harry kim?‬

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#homestuck #art im uploading the drawings i did for muse @callieroxy (DOES IT TAG??) because theyre cool and i love them also calliope rights

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I work in IT which is the reason this house has:

- mechanical windows
- mechanical door locks
- no Alexa/HomeKit/Google
- no Internet connected thermostats, lamps, or whatnots
- a dumb TV
- wall switches for lights

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Today on shit I have actually heard people say: “the great thing about capitalism is that you don’t need a conscience”

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