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I got my sticker. I drove several other people to the polls and made sure they knew what they were doing and what they needed. But since that's not enough, I'm going to implore those of you in Big Tuesday states to please, for the love of God, vote. Even if you feel like it's not a meaningful choice, vote like my life depends on it, because it does.

FYI: Washington Health Ins Exchange special enrollment period for COVID-19 

If you're uninsured in WA state and can/want to get insured through the exchange, there's a 30 day special enrollment period thru April 8 for coverage starting April 1.

*Personally I think it's kind of silly from a public health standpoint that coverage can't start immediately, but federal regs probably preclude that.*

(If you qualify for Medicaid/Apple Health, enrollment is always open)

tattoo list:
- necker cube
- some kinda circuits
- barcode (possibly data matrix) of "null"
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the existence of he-man implies the existence of she-man and he-woman and she-woman
apparently my gf's parents identify us by my gf's cough and my phone's ringtone since they both happen so often

If any of you wanna donate some pc power to battling corona, cancer and more. I set us up a team on Folding.

Just install the software and add our team id: 236425

Biden chuckled, "You mean the Chaos Endorsements?"

So if I understand this correctly, magical realism is a real-people stew with magic seasoning, just a pinch.

commodification of housing and labor is so completely evil, i can't even handle it

☁️ ☁️ ☁️ ☁️ 🌑


i hecked my phone

I'm a super hecker

i heck compootahs


Please spread news: Santa Clara county just made it illegal to have gatherings of 1000+ people

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