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Another mass killing from the white nationalist far-Right - this time in Germany, where 11 people were killed. Watch-dog groups are reporting that the manifesto that was left calls for the extermination of non-white, largely Muslim countries.

The #UCSCStrike in #SantaCruz is coming to a head tomorrow, as strikers have been threatened with being fired if they do not turn in their grades. Check out this full report from the first week of the strike about how it spread here. #COLA4All

In #Boston, people are mobilizing against the same far-Right group that organized the Boston Straight Pride parade, works closely with white nationalists and neo-Nazis, and is holding a rally in support of the police and ICE this Saturday. #AllOut

Holding strong at the hour mark, police presence aggressive and in line with RCMP colonial violence - this is a peaceful, non-violent demo that the cops are violently trying to break up.

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The offices of KKR have been occupied in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en - their investment in Coastal GasLink is profiting off of colonial occupation - demanding that KKR pull all their funds from Coastal GasLink immediately

We stand with the Wet’suwet’en nation - never surrender!

It's funny as hell to me that people will constantly attack someone on the off chance they're faking a disability without considering for a second they're just depriving a disabled person of resources

While I think many of the people in the movement mean well, are there any alternatives to XR in the US besides @FrontGreen?

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"An oft-repeated chant against the state, capital, and its interlocutor institutions resounds: “Who protects us? We protect us.” As Santa Cruz strikers exemplify, we must append to it “Who cares for us? We care for us.”' #COLA4All #UCSCstrike #COLA

The forwarding of a libertarian socialist dual power is certainly an interesting scheme. There's use of direct democracy, syndicalism, mutual aid, and counter-institutions.

If you're an anarchist and you are interested in sociology, you might want to check this pamphlet out from an anarchist and sociologist from the archipelago known as the Philippines!

Erwin Rafael's “The Promise of an Anarchist Sociological Imagination” is now available on the Anarchist Library!

“In a complex world, there could be no hard blueprint to an emancipated future.”

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