I have all the bits and pieces to get started with a simple hydroponics system like the one here:

Once I get it set up, I’m wondering which veggies can I grow outside in autumn?

I have only used aquaponics in a greenhouse (which I did not setup). But I would think herbs or greens would be good. And give you the option to move it inside under a sunny window / lights in the winter.

@tulsi I already have some herbs growing in pots, but greens sound like a good idea. I would love a little greenhouse, but would like to attempt growing something outside first. Our weather is pretty mild as we're on the coast.

@gendor yeah something quick growing would be good. I quite like japanese greens like mizuna

@tulsi Ah, those look nice! So many varieties of greens 🌱 🥗

@gendor I'm growing Lamb's Lettuce at the moment, allegedly it'll grow throughout a temperate winter. I think typically you grow to a certain size then harvest the whole plant, unless leaving to set seed, and this should be done in monthly successions. It's high in Vitamin C which is handy for a wintertime crop when fruit and other greens are traditionally scarce.

@cathal Thanks, I'll give it a try! Are you growing it hydroponically?

@gendor no, outdoors on compost. I don't know how it would like hydro, would be a worthy experiment/writeup. :)

@cathal Just found this: I don't have access to the full article, but the conclusion does suggest increased yield for hydro, so definitely worth a try!

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