"Localized, egalitarian societies linked by global communication and awareness are the best chance for saving the environment. Self-sufficient, self-contained economies leave almost no carbon footprint." (Peter Gelderloos, Anarchy Works)

@starwall There's a problem with this, though: It's not *our* waste we're forced to carry the burden for. It's the waste of the manufacturer.

We should go back to the 1950's when manufacturers had to collect their waste from the consumer. That's why milkmen delivering and collecting milk bottles were common back then.

Besides, I guarantee they'll make stuff that's better for the environment when they're the ones that have to deal with the mountains of unreusable plastic they make.

How do people charge their electric cars if they don't have off-road parking?

Planted some seed potatoes in a sack today. 🥔🥔🥔🥔🥔

"Anarchism challenges the typical Western conception of human nature by envisioning societies built on cooperation, mutual aid, and solidarity between people, rather than competition and survival of the fittest." (Peter Gelderloos, Anarchy Works)

Living in South Africa turned me into a capitalist. Living in the Netherlands turned me into a socialist. Living in the UK turned me into an anarchist.

It's happened. I got better results searching with DuckDuckGo than with Google. 🤯

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Just started a new blog at gerritniezen.com using Write.as (@write_as)

It's pretty awesome that Write.as enables me to add my blog to the fediverse at

Really enjoyed reading @UnconventionalEmma 's zine yesterday. I also loved the custom envelope and personalised thank you note.

Some instances post pictures of their cats. Sunbeam.city posts pictures of their plants.

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