A reminder that the concept of a passport is less than 100 years old.

I see lots of people arguing that microsoft's open source efforts are in good faith.

I don't believe that is possible, and I won't believe that is possible until microsoft releases critical components of their software under the (a)gpl version 3 or later.

Microsoft spent years operating under a model of Embrace Extend Extinguish, and we have no reason to believe that they have changed.

Microsoft is your enemy. The fact that they are embracing a thing you love should terrify you.

If anyone has their own compost can and wants to know when to rotate, add food scraps, or dry material. Here's a handy guide from @adafruit that I'm thinking about trying. #diyelectronics #solarpunk #opensourcehardware


Just arrived in San Francisco and my first stop was the anarchist bookstore Bound Together Books. Picked up a copy of Le Guin's The Dispossessed as well as Farmer Duck for the toddler. At the checkout, someone offered me a piece of chocolate. 🏴 are ❤️

Das finde ich extrem witzig: independent.co.uk/news/world/a

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the beach in Australia to express their anger at Tony Abbott’s failure to address climate change – by literally burying their heads in the sand.

:Trek: as "comfort food" 

I watched an episode of TNG last night

I've heard TNG described as "competence porn"

It's a bunch of able and intelligent people who are in positions of power agonizing over what the right thing to do is, and often coming to the right answer

It was a soothing fantasy

Bought a faster SD card for my Raspberry Pi yesterday, installed @yunohost and now I have my own home server! 🎉

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, actively ramping up the use of fossil fuels with AI and machine learning.



cricket farming is magnitudes more efficent than beef farming, and can be easily done in urban environments. Cow farming uses 95x the land, 26x as much fresh water, 8.3x as much food, and emits 7.7x as much CO2 per kilogram of food produced.

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@rysiek Its 2019 and most people still use windows 😢

"Localized, egalitarian societies linked by global communication and awareness are the best chance for saving the environment. Self-sufficient, self-contained economies leave almost no carbon footprint." (Peter Gelderloos, Anarchy Works)

How do people charge their electric cars if they don't have off-road parking?

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