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the bad guy in star wars was called snopes because the jedi's ultimate foe is accurate and factual reporting

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Hello #permaculture and #foodforest peeps, I'm looking for recommendations of resistant temperate zone varieties of edible berry bushes / fruit trees / perennials!

Made some mini greenhouses from 5L vinegar bottles, according to Kevin Lee Jacobs 'winter sowing 101' technique. They're jammed in between a log and the wall atm because we're having high winds rn.

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"The evidence suggests, no: plant-based foods emit fewer greenhouse gases than meat and dairy, regardless of how they are produced."

#Meat #Plants #Food #Environment #CarbonFootprint #OutWorldInData #GreenhouseGases

Continuing to chip the pile of ivy and cleared brush, I discovered four garden chairs under it! Maybe I can paint them and put them back to use.

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The Cherokee nation is offering heirloom #seeds to tribal citizens interested in growing traditional crops.

"Last year, the Cherokee Nation gave away almost 10,000 packages of seeds to its tribal citizens. Cherokee Nation officials are committed to this program because it helps to keep the Cherokee culture and history alive.

This year’s offering of heirloom seeds includes Cherokee Colored Corn, Trail of Tears Beans, Georgia Candy Roaster Squash, a variety of gourds, Indian corn beads and Native plants such as the American Basket Flower, Jewelweed and Wild Senna"

#Ethnobotany #Indigenous #Plants

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I created #FediWorlds because the one thing I really miss from other sites is the #Writing games and questions/prompts, and the way they can help bring together a community.

So all of my
#Writing, #Worldbuilding, #Conlang, #AmWriting, #WritingCommunity friends - whether or not you participate (Either is cool), please boost!

Cheers; I look forward to all of your lovely writing.

(And if anyone wants to start a weekly prompt challenge, I'd love to participate~~)

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It's #folkloreThursday
So let's talk about the Babylonian myth of Ashuhunamir, the first nonbinary person.

After the goddess Ishtar got herself trapped in the underworld, the gods created Ashunamir, a being who was neither man not woman, to seduce Erishkigal, the Queen of the underworld, and free Ishtar.

They succeeded in their quest, but for thier troubles Erishkigal cursed them and all those like them to always be viewed with suspicion in human society, but Ishtar, to counter this, blessed them and those like them with wisdom, prophecy, healing and that they would always be held sacred to Ishtar.

#nb #nonbinary #mythology #pagan

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Being followed by a faceless and silent avatar is creepy.
Here’s my suggestion for newbies: set a picture and write at least one, preferably four posts that tell us something about yourself, about what to expect.
If you follow me, I will look at your profile and maybe I’ll follow back. But I’m not following a faceless and silent avatar.
Now... how to get this message out to newbies... 🤔

Yes! My Good King Henry is sprouting on the windowledge. After the fruit trees I put in last autum, this is the very start of my perennial vegetable garden :)

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"'Tis dummy thiccness," I muttered, "Clapping at my chamber door—
Only this and nothing more."

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[dr seuss style]
there's a jar in our fridge
from twenty fifteen!
the label says cherries
but the contents are green!

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Check out lemmy, a promising reddit clone, that's planning to work on ActivityPub/federation!

Here's my first post on the platform:

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Thing is with giving artists unsolicited critique on their work is you have no idea the motivation behind their doing it and no idea what their desired outcome is.

Whatever you think they could have done to improve on it is often going to be wrong, even if you believe it's correct. Rarely are views and motivations on art going to align, and by giving unsolicited advice on how it could be done "better" you're just straight up being a dick.

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mud, muck, filth, and grime. the 4 elements.

Can I keep my basil seedlings alive until it's warm enough to plant them out? I had six at the beginning of the winter. Four have mysteriously shrivelled up and died overnight. (Over a series of nights - they didn't all die together. It's been random and unexpected.)

I quickly googled and found out that I might be watering them too much, or I might be watering them too little, or I might be watering them too irregularly. So it's really in the lap of the gods.

There are beautiful basil plants available in the local supermarket for £3.50, but it's become a point of principle by now.

Watch this space for the thrilling outcome.

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#Florespondence: January Daisies. There have been only a few days of frost so far this year, so some things are blooming that... shouldn't be blooming, really. Even if they're cute.

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