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Ultima and Thule

Image Credit: NASA, Johns Hopkins University APL, Southwest Research Institute #APoD

"Migratable Accounts", aka "The Social Blue Hole".

"The Eternal Interrelational Present".

(... This is probably a good thing.)

Hey who remembers the "Information Blue Hole" concept?

Like not just the fact that that's kinda how we're living nowadays, but the point in time where "we might be heading towards this, let's point at it and think about it" led to its naming?

... also, it's name? Does anyone else remember the name?

(Also, not to brag or give myself too much credit, but definitely mis-transcribed and probably misinterpreted -- I'm only going off of the briefest selection of Patchwork Girl -- by me.)
(And possibly by some/many of the other steps in the abovementioned chain.)

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-- Patchwork Girl (Shelley Jackson, 1995),
possibly paraphrasing Aquinus (1200s?), probably regurgitating/developing on the thoughts of his peers and surroundings,
almost cetainly unknowingly echoing many prior and later Thinkers and non-Thinkers alike.

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"If eaten matter rises in the one who posessed it first, the child will not rise at all."

...improvements in air quality in the United States between 1990 and 2010 reduced deaths from #AirPollution by nearly half.

(... argh, I do too much boosting and not enough original posting on this account. I should do more of that again.)

We have too many doomsday acclerationists and oppurtunists calling themselves revolutionaries, proping themselves up as the ones with the solutions. And one of their solutions is, “‘Lets let marginalized people die and be silenced until we find the right kind of marginalized people to use in our eventual victory parade.”

If your leftism is a prophecy and not a process, get the fuck away from me.

"Think of all the things we'll miss," says the "top pick" comment at the end of the story. "Butterflies in our gardens. Birdsong."

I can't express how naïve this is.

If insects collapse, we, as a species, won't be around to miss anything.

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People think there aren't supposed to be bugs in their living spaces, they see the harmless springtail or isopod as the harbinger of a full-on "infestation". I don't like saying things like "unnatural", but a space devoid of all visible life IS unnatural.

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It reminds me a bit of something that's been bothering me. A poster on a bug identification forum was relieved to hear the bug they'd found was innocuous, but said they'd already called a pest control company, a spray couldn't hurt, better safe than sorry.

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"How could something as fundamental as the bugs in the sky just disappear? And what would become of the world without them?" NYT Mag covers the "insect apocalypse" and how Europe's long amateur naturalist tradition has helped us grasp its scope:

"According to science journalist Lisa Margonell, most termite research was predominantly funded by extermination companies until about 10 years ago."

I think it is so sad that there are these resilient, successful organisms we've largely only studied how to destroy.

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Science, greenhouse gas conversion 

#Science researchers have developed catalysts that can efficiently and inexpensively convert greenhouse gas CO2 into useful products

Would anyone be interested in helping beta-read my novel?

It's a queer-friendly sci-fi book, set on solarpunk future world. A young scientist invents cool stuff, makes friends, has adventures, and overcomes trauma to help his planet deal with a political crisis.

I'd love to go through it 3-4 chapters at a time every few weeks, and get early feedback from #SFF / #queer readers.

If you're interested DM me. Boosting this is welcome. Thx!

#sciencefiction #scifi #lgbtq

Organization: N.
The process of the (re)structuring of a complex system into distinct, specialized units that <some generalization based on how animal organs work and interact I don't fricking know>.

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