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@cocoron Working with federal agencies to some degree is inevitable if you're in computer security, because so much of our infrastructure is corporate-managed IT stuff, but on the other hand the ACLU put out a paper being suspicious of it in 2004, so unless I see some further developments on the story I'm currently gonna be "I would rather not trust people who are enthusiastic about it".

(But also my personal opinion is, the discussion is still ongoing, this isn't something that is time-sensitive, so I personally think it's worth waiting until the back-and-forth has settled before deciding on a course of action.)

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@cocoron Like, it's definitely suspicious and something that should be looked into. And depending on what the knowledge is, could still make him clearly a cop.

Wikipedia says "The organization is committed to providing the tools and resources needed by those who own and operate the nation's critical infrastructure to protect their enterprises and maintain the services necessary for a safe and prosperous nation.", which digging the actual meaning out of the nationalistic jargon seems to mean "We as a State actually like these thing so we want them to keep existing. Talk to each other so you can exist for us better.", which... could-but-doesn't-necessarily mean sharing actually surveilling stuff.

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@cocoron (Ah, sorry, I didn't see the stuff about the link 404ing 'cause the post's been deleted. I copied the relevant part, though, and I can vouch for transcribing my quote myself from the source, if you trust me on it.)

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@cocoron The source is this:
where the admin describes themself as a "proud member of the FBI Infragard".

Infragard is not part of FBI -- it's some sort of knowledge-sharing thing between a lot of individuals and companies and government organizations, that is FACILITATED by the FBI.
I haven't done that much looking, but how bad that is depending on what that "knowledge" actually is.

@cocoron Oh yeah, cite for "I, on the other hand, want to build sther into a worker co-op and cap overall profit so we all win."

@cocoron There's Sther which is in thr process of starting itself up, which is incorporated already as a B-Corporation and has plans once it's not a mostly/entirely-one-person thing to organize into a coop.

(Crowdfunding campaign at almost ~$5k out of a hoped for ~$20k right now: )

(This is also me being lazy, but also with a subtext of "there doesn't seem to be that many (any?) people talking about this at all and that feels... weird..? to me?)

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So I know this is me being too-lazy-to-actually-read and all, but does... anyone, have any, easy-to-digest audio/video content (videoessay, podcast ep, etc.) about Debt Strikes?

Like preferably more than just "are good, should do" and actually going into depth on various components? But maybe even just anything?

hello pls recommend me books!! + excited rambling abt ebooks and libraries 

@cosmic There's a bit of a love story happening on the side between two side-characters, but I REALLY love Lewis Carroll's Sylvie And Bruno (slash it's sequel/second half).

It's... troll philosophy, fairy childrens saying Extremely Children Things, "are you sure this is a children's book, Lewis?"-type theological back-and-forths...
It's very fun.

... The Wastonian(/Canon-analytic/etc.) critical lens is the most widely-practiced form of literary criticism today, but -- while I am nowhere near academic literary criticism to be aware of the newest developments -- I haven't even heard even the slightest hints of the idea of formally discussing it.
(outside of specifically deep fandom circles and never leaving them.)

"Similarly, the entity we call a cow ..."
-- A Symbiotic View Of Life: We Have Never Been Individuals.
Scott F. Gilbert, Jan Sapp, Alfred I. Tauber. 2012.

@nightpool Yeah I was thinking like in general.

This was specifically posted after seeing a thing about "Use Stylus, the fork, 'cause Stylish got owner-transferred and had tracking added" and thinking about the whole "I'll maintain it for you just trust me" issue with many browser addons.

- outdated, yet still widely used in many important places
- has huge, well-known issues
- used because it was the default, many people have no idea there are even alternatives
- can technically be run well but you know what you're doing and it's really easy to screw up
- [should be] widely hated

The DOS of Project Governance.

The Geocentrism of Project Governance.

The rsh Of Project Governance.

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BDFL is the Windows XP of Project Governance.

@bedap (Feel free to copypaste this to a new post if you want to spread it without my "actually flag-burning in protest can be argued to be exactly what the Flag Code calls for" editorializing. It's licensed as... uh, whatever our instance's emojiset is, probably. I just based it off it this: )

(Also I still have the GIMP project up, and it's just an overlay, so I can do any flags to this.)

@bedap Like this? (... thing that was done by someone who has no idea what she's doing in Gimp more than just sorta-kinda?)

"(k) The flag, when it[['s country]] is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning."

re: software governance 

@garbados Honestly, we need some organization that works with software projects to help them set up an ACTUAL governance system.

social media is community infrastructure and requires ethical, accountable governance as much as roads and bridges do.

@mattcropp *opens this up in a new tab, fully aware that I've only gotten literally two paragraphs into the FIRST of the two articles you linked me to yesterday*

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