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Good morning, comrades! The temperature here is 27.5°F and Partly Cloudy with 92.0% humidity. The nearest storm is 100 miles away. Ozone is 356.9 DU. The average Air Quality Index is 70, which is considered Moderate. It will be Possible light rain tomorrow afternoon. Light rain tomorrow and next Sunday. Remember, drink plenty of water, eat something that's not processed junk food, and stretch before physical activity. Solidarity, and have a good day!

I just found out that the shelters in Iowa are run by the centralized intake system oligarchy. it takes better people than others to be able to run that kind of system, but the centralized intake usually works better as a way to filter people out than filter people in. But the people who need the services don't benefit from an like that. :acap: :acab:

Thinking that voting is all you need to do in politics and thinking that you shouldn't vote are both extremely privileged positions.

I am 100% okay with the Wendy's employee that power soaked in the kitchen sink.

In the week following the RCMP invasion of Wet'suwet'en territories supporters have risen up and #ShutDownCanada. Some of the most effective solidarity actions have come in the form of rail blockades that have paralyzed the national economy.

#WetsuwetenStrong #RCMPOut #LandBack

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