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I'm going to try to get rid of everything I own before I leave, but I might leave my floor mattress, futon, and air mattress. they're large, hard to get rid of, and have value. No matter what they decide to do with them, they can't say I didn't leave them anything of value. :blobdab:

Interstella 5555 is solarpunk as fuck

Defending a proposal to cut access to the SNAP program (food stamps), Texas Rep. Jodey Arrington cited the biblical passage Thessalonians 3-10. "We give you this rule, 'If a man will not work he shall not eat.'" Google gave him $2000 he didn't work for on November 12.

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uspol,impeachment,removal If you have a republican rep, you better get on this shit. The have call, email, and tweet.

I got back on Twitter because I got to watch this Impeachment shit!

I'm out of Minneapolis, MN, soon. Where would be a good place to move to in Iowa? Des Monies, Iowa City, or Cedar Rapids - and why?

I have no words to properly describe how I feel when I take a break from a platform for only a few days to come back to whatever the fuck bomb hit it in the aftermath.

I got back on Tik Tok specifically to see what the impeachment videos are doing, and ran into all kinds of bullshit.

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Pedophiles and hebephiles are trying to add themselves to the lgbtq community. They even made a flag.

tick tock changed its algorithm again. This time they're showing a lot of their popular content, which means people are getting repeat videos. They're getting ready to take their stocks public, so they have to make all of their popular stuff float to the top.

The bullying of lgbtq people, black and brown people, and more particularly trans and non-binary people has gotten worse and tick tock is still doing nothing about it.

and now lgbtq people, mostly youth, or worried about Trump being removed and Mike pence taking his place and opening mandatory conversion therapy camps. I know it's dark humor, but it's not funny. a lot of people actually have that as a realistic concern of pence becoming president. and even though it's not impossible, it's nothing that won't happen without extreme consequences.

Uspol, food stamps, action 

Thank you to everyone who faved, boosted, and replied! I appreciate all my comrades! I'm sorry that I freaked out a little bit in the middle there.

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Uspol, food stamps, action 

@fukuroyoujo mutual aid food shelves right in damn front of the grocery stores.

Or...Organized, public, theft of food as a form of protest.

Uspol, food stamps, action 

Y'all know we can't just let Trump administration cut food stamps, right? Anybody got any ideas on what we can do about this? :thinking_sun:

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