Anyone seen a defence fund for Bristol? I'm sure I saw a gofundme.

We need to boost the shit out of that folks
There's been 50 arrests.

I made up a bunch of lip balms!
They're of coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter. I got a bunch of little sample tea tins from my buy nothing group.
I tried to infuse in scents of early grey, mint and lavender but they didn't take as strongly as I'd like.

It's been a while Sunbeam City. Let's see if it's been too long, or not long enough.

femicide, turkey, rojava 

New dossier: ‘Women under Turkish occupation’

"Femicide and gender-based violence as systematic practice of the Turkish occupation in Afrin’. This dossier documents violence against women in Afrin, proceeding from Turkey and the jihadist groups supported by Turkish state. Since Turkey attacked and occupied the north-western region of Syria at the beginning of 2018, people, specially women, have repeatedly been subjected to abductions, violence,...

City or Sunbeam! I have returned from a war tht isn't over yet!

nsfw, how to support me without using onlyfans 

im gonna sell it for 8 bucks but ill upload everything here for free. if you cant afford that but want to support me you can buy me $5 gift cards or something - idk i cant put up my paypal because of the sesta/fosta thing but if you really wanna support me for less than the 8 dollars (or youre punk and just dont want the middleman) just dm me!

"There must be better distribution of wealth and maybe #America must move toward a democratic #socialism . . . One-tenth of 1 percent of the population of this nation controls almost 50 percent of the wealth.”
- #MartinLutherKingJr

#USA #MLK #inequality #capitalism #BlackRadicals

I called the head housemate out on lying to me and trying to get me out of the house, and put me in an uncertain situation... during a and ... at about 7am.

They said a new person was moving in, so I had to leave. There is no new person. The room is empty.

It's gonna be a great day!

Clair (wife) is now being told, based on a phone call, she has coronavirus. They said she would not be given a test, no way, no how. stay home. She is not high risk and there are not enough test kits. Symptoms are:
--Sore throat
--Stuffy nose
--No sense of smell
--Feeling of pressure around her throat.

Her boss is in the hospital and has tested positive.

Other then above she still feels fine and we made it to the beach this morning for a walk as usual. (Empty beach, touching NOTHING)

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