Catch it, bin it, kill it, and unionise to keep the world safe, comrade

Today, we are joining the opening of a new seed library "reWILD Saatgut" from 3pm - 7pm, at Wildenbruchstr. 24, 12045 , Germany:

"Come along for , tasty treats, discussions and getting to know your local neighbors."

We will bring and seedlings.


okay, ive moved over to @froggy

it's been great with y'all, and im gonna miss sunbeam :blobcatmeltcry:

FINALLY! these are the pics of my bandaid (it's venom bc he's a cutie) and my day 1 of hrt selfie :'3

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can't upload photos? ๐Ÿค”

anyways, i gave myself my first hrt shot, and it was??? not too bad???

one of the cutest things though is that i mentioned to my mom kind of wanting spiderman bandaids for my shots, and my dad went to two different stores to find some for me. he hasn't been overtly supportive of my identity, so it was really kind of heartwarming.

anyways, im a bit sensitive to every little thing in my body rn, even though i know i really shouldn't feel many changes til at least a couple of weeks from now. i just... am very excited!

Hey guys, gals and nonbinary pals. I'm gonna get my ass back over to @interneteh

Follow me there if you don't already please.

Also, boost to help people find me plz

I have a 3800 word short story that needs an Ashkenazic Jewish cultural review. Since this is for FASA, I can pay $40 for the consult. DM me for details.

family and politics 

what part of "hates politics and distrusts authority" did she not understand. im just transgender, and don't think that folks are gonna stand up for me in washington. but democrats usually at least pretend to care about us, and that makes me feel a tad bit better than republicans who would prefer if we all burned.

like i get the whole money thing, mom, but it doesn't feel good to vote for someone who hates my identity outright.

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family and politics 

me: *explaining to my mom that i don't consider myself a democrat, but i personally feel the need to vote left because democrats are the side that generally will at least somewhat protect my rights as a queer bitch, and that at the end of the day i think politics is pretty dumb because both sides are the same but controlled by different buyers* so yeah anyways

her: hmm yea so are you like a communist or what

yep, another semi-lewd joke 

i washed my ass with coconut oil today. i guess it's cocobutt oil now.

lewd joke 

like gucci slides, but for people who have lots of sex (like me)
(that's a good joke, im a VIRGIN)

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Nintendo Switch Online Group Invite 

@natsumisummer boosting this for others. i already have my own family plan but like. that's a pretty good deal!

I love this. not only is this a campaign to fight to keep an LGBTQ+ space open in London, but it is pushing the community ownership model!

#lgbt #lgbtq #london

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