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Hello hoomans,
I am Freya Kitteh, a kitteh who love warmth and sunshine. I also love belly rubs and head scritches. And I love sleeping next to my humans heads and purring loudly in their ears. Purring so loudly that I wake them up. I also like to flomp down at the top of the stairs, nearly tripping my humans up, and demand belly rubs. My interests are:

And did I mention ?

asshole cat: *constantly scratching the wall trying to get up into a window sill*

asshole cat, after I bought and assembled a small set of cat-stairs to more easily get up into the sill:

It's raining outside and Pi is bored. I'm playing a boardgame online with one hand, and waving his feather fishing toy with the other


Today I iz berfday pud - I iz 7 years oldz.

Hippo birdies to moi!

Where's my Dreamies??!!!

Hooman! You interrupt belly clean?!

I amz most seriously displeased.

@FreyaKitteh you are always sleepy kitteh. This is you from last night.

Never ever ‘declaw’ your cat or any other cat for that matter. NEVER.

:catjam: #mews :pensive_party_blob: from #catsburypark #usa : As many of you are aware, we decided to give up the cafe in March. This was because we saw the burden of a monthly rental payment as a detriment to our mission of saving the lives of cats in need. Legal representation needed... :perfect: #hellokitty #mastocats #mastocatsa #catsofmastodon #cats #cat #mao # #ねこ #neko #caturday #Chatmedi #fedicats :polarbear:

Remember to try and use image descriptions of your kitties. If low on spoons/purrs, add @imagecaptionspls to your toot & someone might be able to do it for you.

Our @FreyaKitteh has developed a habit in the last couple of months, where she demands scritches in bed at 5am. If I stop scritching, coz I want to go back to sleep, she’ll shove her head into my hand and demand more!

This morning she took it to the next level. After using her head to butt my hand, she then used a paw to poke my belly to get my sleeply attention back on giving her those desperately needed scritches!!

As usual, I'm torn between, OMG let me sleep and this is adorable. Cats so rule.

#Cats #MastoCats

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