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Hello hoomans,
I am Freya Kitteh, a kitteh who love warmth and sunshine. I also love belly rubs and head scritches. And I love sleeping next to my humans heads and purring loudly in their ears. Purring so loudly that I wake them up. I also like to flomp down at the top of the stairs, nearly tripping my humans up, and demand belly rubs. My interests are:

And did I mention ?

Heard meowing. Discovered Merlin introducing himself to a squirrel on TV.

Really recommend putting on wildlife videos for cats!

And yet another cat with no fucks to give...

'Angry' Cat Attacks Pilot, Forcing Plane to Make Emergency Landing


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Another cat with no fucks to give..

London Euston cat-astrophe averted for train-surfing puss

It took 2.5 hours to get the cat off the train :angery:


@stux Good Morning 😊 Do you need some morning brushy too? πŸ˜„

Max got a cloth bag loop stuck around his head then waltzed in sadly while I was in the bath like "please remove this"

This unrepentant goober waited until I stood up to grab a glass of water, then immediately bounded onto the couch and stole my seat, and pretended she had been sleeping there for hours.

She was so pleased with herself that I could hear her purring before I even got back into the room. She refused to make eye contact.

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