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Hello hoomans,
I am Freya Kitteh, a kitteh who love warmth and sunshine. I also love belly rubs and head scritches. And I love sleeping next to my humans heads and purring loudly in their ears. Purring so loudly that I wake them up. I also like to flomp down at the top of the stairs, nearly tripping my humans up, and demand belly rubs. My interests are:

And did I mention ?

@guerrillarain I is Freya Kitteh. I would like to follow Luna & yourself.

My hooman is @GwenfarsGarden.

Busted with pet parent glasses for second day running !!! #Cat theft

I thought of doing a poll to find out whether my cat or my kitchen garden was prettier. Then realised no point, cat wins, it's no contest :blobcatdab:

@FreyaKitteh not wake up their Hoomans at 5:30am with purring volume turned up to max and the purr machine 2cm from the hoomans ear. Also provide hoomans with love and affection when needed by your hoomans. If that happens I am sure you will get even moar belly rubz.

#Caterday #TootFic

The mouse was so engrossing that Birba didn't even notice the strange rain-snow at first. 

It was just out of reach through a wall that the cat knew, through long experience, she could not get through, but it kept coming closer. 

When she noticed that the mouse was getting bigger and seemed to be covered with some sort of leaf mold, when she took a few steps backwards, stealthy, slow, to rethink the situation, that was when Birba realized that she, too, was coated.


I iz noble kitteh. There iz plants, but me iz most pretty.

Hooman says pink flower is Lewisa and behind me is an Acer. But what about MEeeeee???!!!!

*watches cat making random dashing about the house manoeuvres, then skids to a stop and starts cleaning her tail*

Cats are basically an in-house entertainment system.


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