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does anyone have stories of successful (or what you learned from unsuccessful) civil disobedience to create safer bike/pedestrian routes? Unauthorized painting, human chains, etc... We're brainstorming.

we won the platinum prize! fellow platinum prize winner is Clara LaCelle of surfinjunkie who helps girls recovering from human trafficking, and grand prize winner is Jodi Rosenbaum of More Than Words who gives away books and works with young at risk kids of color.

Ebay Shine winner is announced at 4ish our time: try one last vote this morning! is the vote link and thank you for all your dedicated support!!

three more chances to vote for Freewheel bikes to win best of ebay winners are announced Thursday afternoon

we wanna spend that prize on free bike mechanic education for all, please help make it happen!

hi new followers your support honestly humbles the shit out of me!!!!!

smaller ones are grants won, etc, but

we wanna have the best paid mechanics in town and the lowest prices on top of our free education and bikes given away so I'm doing All Business All The Time because that is .... a.... lot.....

the big one: were in the running for best ebay nonprofit and the winner is decided by social media popularity contest

we need one click from each of you every day until the 25

also theres a sweet video about what we do there to watch!! please help us turn prize money into free bikes!!

there are so many updates if I want to make this an official presence not just my weird behind the scenes rant box

hey guys sorry I let this account languish I had other stuff to do that wasn't social media

it's Bike Week (a thing organized by the city) next week and I asked my coworker to sign me up for things (work will pay my hours) but I've been too stressed to see what I've been volunteered for... 💀

chag sameach today, happy easter sunday, and enjoy the antifash punk show in between for everyone else :)

😅 there's a lot to do in April, and that's not counting preparing for events in May and June 😰

TIL: Sheldon Brown's website, encyclopedia of much trustworthy and difficult to verify bicycle parts data... has a Spanish-English glossary of technical bike terms

someone asked me if my 1980 raleigh frame "was sentimental" because I was putting better wheels on it and making it pretty. I got to give the "made in japan/usa steel bikes are good" pitch to someone for the first time ever!

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