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I let my neighbor's French lavender grow thru the fence because I love it

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Gender, pronouns 

It is so unfortunate that the normal pronouns are so gendered, it's kinda hard to talk about someone without gendering them.

For some people gender is a personal thing, so the pressure to tell someone your gender just so they can talk about you is not great... even if you ignore the issues regarding coming out as trans.

Not everyone wants to publicly announce their gender and gendered pronouns make that a bit hard. Hopefully gender neutral pronouns become popular very soon.

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potentially gross historical fact 

in the brothels of the old West, sex workers required customers to clean their bits. they provided a basin of water for this, and they spiked the water with whiskey. If the client started complaining about a burning sensation (from the alcohol hitting any kind of open sore), the appointment was canceled. this is how they protected themselves from venereal diseases.

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This isn't true for EVERYONE obviously, but there are absolutely people who wouldn't need antidepressants anymore if this country had universal healthcare and no worries about rent

Tip: if you need clothes, find a staffed laundromat and ask them if you can scavenge from their old lost & found piles. Often people forget or intentionally abandon clothing at laundromats.

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"University of California terminates subscriptions with world’s largest scientific publisher in push for open access to publicly funded research"


Context for those not in the US: this is huge. UC is a uniquely enormous and influential university system in our country. When they do things, many other universities follow suit.

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No longer being able to look at people I don't know and safely assume they think Nazis are bad is honestly the most fucked up thing about living in the future. Did NOT see that coming.

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you: so you'll want to set your oven to 400 degrees and---

me: WHAT THE FUCK??? FOUR HUNDRED DEGREES???? FOU-- oh fahrenheit

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"We found that at least 61 percent of apps we tested automatically transfer data to Facebook the moment a user opens the app. This happens whether people have a Facebook account or not, or whether they are logged into Facebook or not."


Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android | Privacy International


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Something I've been working on lately and that is somewhat related to my 2019 resolution: doing actual things instead of watching videos or looking at photos of people doing them.

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broke: climbing for the purpose of sport and competition

woke: climbing for the purpose of reaching the top

bespoke: climbing for the purposes of observing cliffside flora

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I use my local library a lot, and here's my latest find, MENDING MATTERS. Even as someone who has studied textiles there were new tricks and tips. if you are a beginner, this book can also hold your hand and take you step-by-step

If any of you are growing radishes this winter, sacrifice a few for flowering (if you have space). I did that last year annd the stalks grew 5 feet tall and flowered for a few months. The bees LOVED radish flowers. I later ate the radish seed pods in stir fry (have to pick them when they're young, before they get starchy).

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