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As an FYI to anyone who cares, I'm going to be moving to another Mastadon Instance in a bit, my current instance isn't a fan of my cross posting.

(tbh based on my experience I don't see any reason on the highways speed has to be really strictly enforced, outside of weaving through traffic or silly speeds like 80mph)

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The thing I find most interesting about Indiana, is seeing cops flying 80+ on 465, our native loop around the big city, and it's always a sight to see how little people care about speed here.

Me at the beginning of the year: Boring, thought they were a guy, Bernie good

Me now: Cool, enby-girl extraordinaire, Bernie isn't far enough (but a little cool I guess)

As an FYI to anyone who cares, I'm going to be moving to another Mastadon Instance in a bit, my current instance isn't a fan of my cross posting.

So today I learned that the idea the poor who remain poor is an idea that came about in a time eugenics was popular. So the idea the poor are lazy, not smart, etc. was/is literally used to justify eugenics, as they'd die of quicker if you left them be. Not shocked, but oof.

Tbh I think one of the safest things about Trump is while he's legitimatly worse than the past few presidents prior, it seems a lot of it is just expanding on previous policy. Aka Trump being worse was a really low bar to clear.

We're out of time to debate, we're out of time to compromise, we're out of time for slow reform. Change needs to happen fast, and it needs to happen NOW. The stakes are high, and the challenges are even higher, but it's something I and you are forced to deal with.

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We have SO. LITTLE. TIME. by the time 2020 rolls around we'll have the same amount of time as half of my life.

Have I been radicalized? Yes, out of necessity. This stuff was be reported on in the 80s and has gotten more and more grim since because NOTHING has been done.

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I think the time not to do something is gone, we HAVE to radically change our means of production to stop changing the climate to something that will LITERALLY KILL US. And I doubt in the traditional systems will be able to accomplish that.

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This isn't a case of oopsie we comprised a little bit too much and moved too slow, better luck next time. Fucking no, there is no next time. This IS our ONLY FUCKING CHANCE to fix our climate before our climate kills us.

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We have roughly 12 years to fix the mess we've gotten us into, 12 fucking years. And someone has brought up a point that's really resonated with me, with how slow states move, do we really have time for compromise? Do we really have time for reform?

Markiplier is doing a livesteam asking people to subscribe to PewDiePie and it's amazing.

TbhI don't really want anything for Christmas this year besides getting the money to be able to get on HRT before my 19th birthday in January.

Perhaps some more gender affirming clothes would be really nice *WINK WINK* but I really want/need HRT more than those.

I'll post a selfie tomorrow (it's 1:42am and I'm about to fall alseep) but I finally found a hairstyle I'm fully satisfied with, and it looks pretty nice tbh. Now I just need it to grow out more, lol.

Good morning all, I'm up and my cars battery is dead.

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