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Got a zojirushi rice cooker and first thing I used it for were oatmeals.

Got to say this is some serious gourmet shit. 🤯

Anyone else play the board game?

It's kind of sweet. It tells the story of how the world as a whole comes together to eradicate a virus.

/checks news headlines, shakes head.

Web developers: take a moment to turn off javascript on your websites. If it can't be used at all--especially if the user is confronted with a blank screen--without js support, fix it. It's a bad website. #xp

Is the opposite of movement "movenen't" 🤔

I made a #mastodon account for my #opensource app @novelwriter 😊

It is a writing app for novels, written in Python and Qt5. It runs on #Linux, #Windows and on #macOS

Instead of reducing dependencies, we went pokemon with libraries: gotta catch 'em all.

This reduces digital shelf life a lot because anything that works now will NOT work in the future.

It's great job security, tho. Planned obsolescence, even?

Incompetence or malice, the game.

Invitation For P4P Rust Learning Group
(invitation in website form)

for any folks who share dreams of non-extractive infrastructure, and are working in Rust, or interested in learning about Rust,

I started a public matrix channel with @glyph,

I hope it can be a space for sharing rust confusions, asking questions, sharing resources, encouraging each other's work and deepening our understanding of the language

if you're interested, you can join via this link,

beginners and experts both welcome (questions and guidance both appreciated)

there are no time requirements for joining, if you join feel free to participate whenever you have energy and availability

the term p4p means "peer for peer", and comes from the scuttlebutt community

Disney is all about protecting creative expression when it serves their bottom line. They're definitely not about actually paying for said creative expression.

Leave it to companies like Disney to plead poverty when it comes to paying the talent.

Oigan chicas, chicos y los ya no tan chicos del #Fediverso, va pregunta-encuesta:

¿Qué los hizo entrar a #Mastodon (u otra red social del Fediverso)?

Por favor, retooteen para que la "encuesta" llegue a más personas que hablan español.

Para la encuesta en inglés pueden ver abajo el enlace a ese toot.

No dejen que el odio por un millonario antipático (p. ej. Elon Musk) disipe el odio por toda la clase burguesa y, sobre todo, por el sistema que divide a la humanidad en clases.

Happy #OpenSourceFriday!

I have a request for all y'all #OpenSource folks: what are some pivotal moments in open source history? Try to think beyond the usual suspects (licenses, operating systems, etc...).

(Cross-posted from, but not linked to, Twitter.)

Kiu ĉi tie konas Esperanton?

¿Quienes aquí topan el Esperanto?

Whom here knows about Esperanto?

En más noticias internacionales. Se preparó un pozole acá en asia. Creo humildemente que es el mejor pozole en centenas de kilómetros a la redonda

Working on setting up some actual planning for a Solarpunk RPG that I've been wanting to run with my friends 🌻

I'm building the game on the #CortexRPG system, and using animal aspects instead of base attributes and super basic skills as the prime sets and then expertise, relationships and assets / gear as extra stuff on top

#solarpunk #roleplaying

We can't achieve a #solarpunk future - an integration of technology and society with sustainable ecological awareness and the natural world - without embracing #anticapitalism and, in my opinion, #anarchism; however, some technologies that exist today prefigure what we could do in such a future.

"Solarpunk envisions a future where we don't have to crush other people, and the planet, to find happiness in our lives."

It's really fascinating and rewarding to watch new friends who had joined over the last week or two discovering fedi in more and more new deeper ways.

Finding out out about smaller instances, discovering other mobile apps, checking out Pleroma, MissKey etc.

That's why I don't get as concerned about how Mastodon has the most visibility. Yes, it does. But then people join and find out about the rest of fedi.

Come for #Mastodon, stay for the #Fediverse, basically.

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