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I don’t always agree with the intercept but when I do it’s just 1000% this goes for almost every country in the world

it's great that there are multiple large platforms whose owners have decided it's against their financial interest to moderate hate speech

:oof: dear ACP users. The instance finances are going bad. Real bad. The instance costs are paid by only one person and the support doesn’t cover the costs at all. This situation last for months. We urge you to participate to the costs sharing otherwise the instance will simply disappear without notice. :goldman:

Uprising, guns, injustice system (good news tho) 

Hello from Minneapolis where a man was just acquitted for shooting back at police in self defense during the George Floyd uprising!

Insightful article with graphic details of police violence and anti-black hate. It also sort of goes out of its way (so did a previous headline) to cheer on the body cameras which helped in the exoneration, but which send so many others to cages. Abolition is the only answer.

Does anyone know if there are any resources on i18n/internationalization of _source code_?

Curious if there is some sort of system to break from the "english-code" as default.

(With full unicode identifiers languages one could do a really _mathsy_ code base and add comments in several languages; would love to see that or other possibilities)

#introduction Comradery is a new subscription payment platform that is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by every creator who uses it. Learn more about us and sign up for early access to be a creator at

Comradery is a new Patreon-style payment platform aimed at individuals and co-operative organisations. It's still in development, but you can follow the latest updates at:

➡️ @comradery

Their website is at

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#NowOnComradery - Robert Kingett @blindscribe is a Disabled author that publishes fiction and nonfiction with Disability representation. He is also a fierce advocate for Disabled authors. You can support him here #CripLit #WritingCommunity


Oh my gosh, so nice to have you here in the #fediverse! A very warm welcome!!!


An argument that's often made is that piracy harms content creators. That music piracy impacts the revenue that artists earn through royalties, etc. The gist of the argument is "piracy hurts those who make the content you love".

Whether you believe that or not, do you know who this DOESN'T apply to?

Do you know who receive NO royalties for their published work, and in fact must PAY just to get published? Academics.

You should feel no guilt for obtaining free scientific papers. The authors are losing nothing; their research is being seen by more people than it would otherwise.

So why do they pay to get published? Reputable academic journals serve as a clearing-house. Getting your paper published in a journal is a mark of quality, indicating that your paper has been peer-reviewed and accepted as a valid contribution to science and knowledge. And I have no problem with this; people pay for certifications all the time.

What I have a problem with is that the journal, who have already been paid to publish the article, then turn around and charge the general public for access to the article. (I guess it's usually free if you're a student, but still.) Essentially the journal is taking ownership of, and restricting the dissemination of the scientific knowledge that they were paid to publish.

Publish: from the Latin publicare, "to make public". If it's behind a paywall, it's not publically available; so technically, it's not actually published.

Consider also the rise of "predatory journals", something that can only exist because of this business model. Predatory journals basically exist to scam academics into "publishing" their work in a journal that is neither peer-reviewed nor reputable. They also make money off those who want to advance an agenda; predatory journals will happily take money to publish just about any paper, including those which were outright lies or would never pass a real peer review.

The only ones who benefit financially from all of this is the journals themselves.

So, pirating academic papers may harm the journal it's published in, as they lose out on potential access fees. But the authors don't lose anything financially. And they also don't lose any value in publishing; they are paying for the legitimacy that being reviewed and published grants their work, and the journal still receives the publishing fee. And the journals will always get plenty of money flowing in from all of the universities that provide access to their students.

Who's really losing out here? Anyway, SciHub is a thing.

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Lets ditch for a Worker Coop!

Half the fees of Patreon Lite (2.5% vs 5%) and be featured among and support other comrades. /

> Comradery membership is designed for independent creators, workers, and activists, and cooperatively-owned organizations (referred to from here on as ‘Creators’) who need a place to connect with their audiences and supporters to raise a monthly income.

Just signed up. UwU

a moment of silence for all our unfinished projects 

wip in peace

Fui a un café cooperativo local y pedí algo de comer (una chapata) y beber (una cerveza de una cervecería cooperativa local)

Las cooperativas de trabajadores necesitan de su apoyo!


Went to a local coop cafe and got something to eat (a chapata) and drink (A beer from a local coop brewery)

Worker coops need your support!

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