'white supremacy is never funny' i wrote.... 'keep making "pranks" and see what happens'....'no discussion, we bash the fash!'

as racists come out of the woodwork, their views validated by media personalities and political actors, an anti-fascist's work is never done.

*Bill Hicks' sewing seeds gesture*

today partially over the top of that OK hand which i defaced, a post-it reads 'you know its just a prank, right?'

just what the christchurch shooter said online before the massacre. He smirked and gave the hand sign again in court.

i have taken down pewdiepie post-its twice now. last week appeared one with the down-turned OK hand - a white supremacist symbol. I scribbled over the top in pencil: 161 WATCH YOUR BACK

at the University of Hertfordshire where I work, an art installation stands: a wall with 'social media heaven' on one side, and 'social media hell on the other'. People are encouraged to write their thoughts on post-it notes.

Sunbeam City 🌻

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