I think my zombies vs. aliens serial is becoming lowkey solarpunk. What. I didn't plan for this. Can i blame this instance?

trauma, "perfect victim" discourse 

and honestly this feels really relevant to solarpunk because solarpunk is one of the few movements where the positive nature of it has never seemed, to me, to override my need to be angry, to be sad, to be hurt.

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trauma, "perfect victim" discourse 

wow i really love how anybody who wants to actually deal with their trauma head-on instead of papering it over with escapism is apparently being a mean bully

escapism is great! its not a bad thing! i love happy endings, i have a really hard time writing anything happier than bittersweet

that doesn't. make me less important.

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hot tip to all the youngsters out there: as much as we all love the "sarcastic asshole with a heart of gold" trope, most people aren't really like that.

If someone in your life is consistently an asshole, don't stick around trying to see if he's secretly deep down a sweetheart. If they can't be nice to you from the get-go then they're almost certainly not worth it.

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My much-delayed intro toot:

Hey, I'm Raye! Bigender, ambivert, they/them, living in PNW of USA. I went to shows at CBGBs in high school so if you think I look like an old punk... yes. Goals: tiny house, some land, some animals, some other humans, and we live rotating through our food forest and around our geothermal greenhouses.

I'm presenting "Women in Alchemy: Hidden in Plain Sight" at the 2019 Magickal Women Conference in London

enbyphobia, weird...conflation of queer identities, bitching about birdsite 

oh for FUCKS sake

now somebodys trying to get support for a "gender non conforming contributors" anthology. the same person whos been causing all this trouble. GNC IS NOT NONBINARY GO TO HELLLL

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enbyphobia, twittersite fuckery 

"make this space accessible for NB people" good

"make this space accessible for transmasc enbies" good

"all enbies should be allowed to call M/M ownvoices" NO

am i the only person who remembers that there's more than one non-binary gender when its not an active topic of discussion

enbyphobia, weird...conflation of queer identities, bitching about birdsite 

the only people "stopping" dfab genderqueer folks from writing m/m are the people being like "hey... certain voices... are being left out..." or even making an attempt at diversifying the landscape. THIS MAKES ME VERY TWITCHY.

and honestly any version of "the SJ Mob Is Coming For Us" makes me side eye like you would not believe.

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enbyphobia, weird...conflation of queer identities, bitching about birdsite 

and it'd be real cool if i could see a MICRON of the energy being put towards enbymasc folks being towards like

enbyfemmes. or enbies. or the right of trans girls to write F/F because THATS STILL A PROBLEM

but no twice or three times in a row its been "what about the dfab genderqueers?? why can't we write m/m" literally nobody is fucking stopping you, most of the bestselling m/m are by dfab/femme-presenting folks

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enbyphobia, weird...conflation of queer identities, bitching about birdsite 

as per USUAL im using mastodon as a place to vent when the birdsites being dumb

should M/M as a category be more inclusive? yes

should M/M try to allow enby folks to write characters like them and still M/M? yes

do i fucking trust cis people to put genderfluid or genderqueer on something and not be doing it for cookie points, and penalize folks for having Less Than Explicitly Male Characters?

hell no.

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Good night!~

You've done what you could today!
I am so proud of all you've accomplished!
There will always be more to do.
More dryads to chat with.
More harpies to hug.
More giants to entreat.
These can wait til tomorrow though.
I'm proud of what you did today, and you should be too!

~Your Bard, Beaming with Pride

writing is hard when im panicking about the future 24/7


at this point im tempted to reach out and see if anybody else has horror stories about this person. i CANNOT be the only one. it never works like that. so if "twists everything to have Bad Motives, tricks you into Doing Something "Bad" and insults you over petty things and expects you not to be upset, shields themselves by saying theyre autistic but will bully others for autistic traits" sounds familiar... shoot me a DM.

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the person who i had issues with two years ago is STILL making threads about me. wh-what the fuck?? MOVE ON GET A LIFE I DONT CARE LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE....

elliottdunstan.com/2018/11/06/ Chapter 17 of GIQ is up! Book One is almost done o.o (It's finished on my PC, just gonna take another few months to post :P)

wordpress.com/post/elliottduns Flash fiction - Wires & Ribbons! Originally written for Inktober and posted on my Patreon.

i inquired about SR services and then at the end got told the price and can't afford it, time to hide here away from twitter for the next forever so i don't have to fess up to being a goddamn loser

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