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mad that this job is emotionally draining me enough that my hold is slipping on social media. i want to keep interacting with my friends and that’s objectively more important than this job

mh/work ~ weh 

work got better after that awful shitshow of a morning but im still so fucking emotionally drained

mh? job??? 

just had to leave the training part of my job to do the actual customer service bit this morning and holy shit. that was fucking awful, i want to die, and the sense of dread at having to go back to taking calls this afternoon is all consuming. i don’t think i can do this but i don’t know what i can leave to do instead, and i’m on the hook to pay them back for the liscense they payed me to get if i quit in the next few months

it’s weird seeing words get treated like one-to-one mappings onto pinable dictionary definitions. words are like… the sum of clouds of intended meanings, warped and twisted and altered by a trillion provided contextual modifications. they’re signifiers for drifting sociocultural concepts. every sentence or phrase you use is a micro adjustment of the way other people understand that each word used acts.

this is coincidentally, also about gender.

casually racist stuff 

one of the people training us for this job has a gamer chair that she keeps a (replica?) "indian headdress" on. her claim to that culture issss: she says her husband tells her "she's got a little native american in her" because she likes to sit with her legs crossed. yes she's very white.

i don't really know how minecraft interior design works but the new bedroom i installed in the wall of my home is nice and cottagecore

warm feeling in my stomach where all the soup i just drank is hanging out

zoom call has gone 45 seconds over. i'm, pleasee...

60 seconds til i'm free but the call to nappy is fading... i'm so sad...

what if i was filled with a dreadful sense of ennui on my birthday and we kissed and then i wasn't

that would be crazy and totally isn't a real fear of mine

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what if i posted my face and everyone decided i wasn't cute and blocked me.

off work in 45 minutes pleaase just let me zzz

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actually bein g gay adn being sleepy are procesed in the same centers of th brain

i'm gods sleepiest soldier and he. wont. let. me. fucking. naaaaaaaap.

girl helppl your arm look so somft ccan i pleass e fall asleepin them ,

at thiis rate i wouldn't survive being pulled into a soft embrace... it would kiill me if i got to gently nestle my head on chest... plese put me out of my misry im begging im so slebby

the light is fading from my eyes... im drooping,,, iim wilting i-i-i- *yawm*

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