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Happy Women's Day
In Purism, we care about rights. Digital rights concern everybody, touch most people’s lives, and carry a heavy societal weight when it comes to women :

I'm on @orbifx's general-purpose moderated usenet server and we're looking for more members!

I am so glad the #fediverse exists. It is so vibrant and alive these days. For all the bullshit and insanity here it feels human in a way that no capitalist run - ad supported - venture funded space ever has.

Those that advocate the hardest for 'tolerance' are those that will probably stretch your definitions of tolerance. Never tolerate anything that makes you feel less valued as a person, never tolerate hate or erasure or marginalization or fear.

distrustful little eyes... she does not approve of the world

I was about to get up to do something, but I got distracted. Then I spent five minutes trying to remember what I was going to do. I just remembered that it's drinking water.
Don't forget to stay hydrated, friends.

In an earlier thread, I wrote briefly about trans people in medieval Europe, and discussed some of the main issues when studying the medieval history of trans people.

Today, if you'll indulge me, I want to spend some time discussing a single person in detail. I want to talk about the way she's been written about, and about her and what she can teach us about life as a trans person 600 years ago.

This is the story of Eleanor Rykener.

I'm seeing lots of cat pictures so here's my cat Tiger. The grey cat is 80, who is technically my father's cat but is more of an independent little dude than anything.

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