We should also talk about how the MH of certain users that fit specific brackets on here are protected in ways that it's not for others.

And it's driving queer femmes of Color off the fediverse

And ppl either dont notice
Or care
Or both

Were painted as serious bad actors that are drama stirrers
Or only good for ur consumption whilst we are erased and abandoned

Abortion rights under extreme threat in the US 

I can't wait to sit around a fire and tell children ghost stories about monsters called "bosses"

oh my god, did the fucking dumbass get us into another goddamn war?

Gun control, racism, Just staying up at night thinking of dumb shit I've done in the past 

Christmas, cw request 

Disabled people don't have to be polite when asking for accessibility. It's our right.
No marginalized person needs to be polite when they demand not to be discriminated against. It's their right.
Fuck tone policing. Fuck respectability politics.

Christmas ment. 

be mindful of your language, here are some PC (patriotically correct) terms to replace outdated and offensive ones:

❌ installed a dictatorship βœ… liberated a nation from communist influence
❌ anti-union βœ… pro-consumer
❌ queerphobic βœ… expression of religious liberty
❌ genocide of the natives βœ… agreement to share land
❌ corporate discrimination against minorities βœ… freedom of speech
❌ racist slurs βœ… freedom of speech
❌ refusing to serve gay people βœ… freedom of speech
❌ refusing to serve straight people βœ… violation of free speech
❌ concentration camps βœ… summer camps

If anyone can show solidarity to a queer Jew with more bills than money, this is my help me afford winter power bills request. Kick in via PayPal to

If it makes you uncomfortable then good. It should.

If you're a white person and you block or mute someone, or filter a term about indigenous issues and race issues, then you're willfully perpetuating white supremacy. Full stop.

Fun fact: lesbians have never exclusively owned 'butch' and any lesbian that disagrees can rip the word from my cold, dead, gender non-conforming hands. :blobuwu:

Capitalism, Brands 

:sunbeam: meta 

Twitter, terfs 

seattle creep alert (cw assault, alcohol) 

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