Good morning, one and all! United we STAND, divided we FALL! :battery_full: :blobheart: :black_power:

Going to attempt pickled carrots. Never had them before, but nows a good a time as any

just died for a second and caught a glimpse of hell.

you're at a wedding for people you don't really know, doing the cupid shuffle for eternity

bro, how can conservatives be like "The left is full of a bunch of snowflake babies who need safe spaces" and also in the same breath be like "The left is more dangerous than you think"??

just read that 75% of crop biodiversity was lost between 1900-2000 and what the fuck 20th century


love to inflict suffering on the timeline with that post

ace exclusionists stop sounding exactly like homophobes challenge

putting pronouns in your bio as a cis person helps normalize sharing your pronouns with people who do not share the cis experience so just fucking do it omg

.@GitLab concedes to white supremacists in censoring Iron March data dump.

When are reply-guys going to start realizing that no one enjoys interacting with them, ever

Trump's executive order creating a taskforce to "focus" on MMIW functions as a means to undermine several bills such as the Not Invisible Act and the extension of the VAWA that are being supported and were drafted with the insight and direction from many tribal communities.

The taskforce will have no native direction or leadership, there won't be any overseeing from the reservations, or from native women who are survivors. They are the ones currently at the forefront right now in working to create the databases, set up programs for indigenous survivors, and are working to lobby for these different pieces of legislation.

It's no surprise that the taskforce, which at face value sounded like a good idea is actually just a continuation of the horrible oversight of the american government in relation to this epidemic.

And of course from trump it seemed sus from the get go.


Reminder not to give to the salvation army this season cause of their long history as transphobic, homophobic pieces of filth, they've lobbied politicans to be able to use discriminatory hiring practices against gay people, and have donated to politicians who are anti-gay. Knock over their little red baskets and take their money.

I just... for once... want to be able to look up reviews for camping gear... without coming across doomsday preppers in maga hats...


Articles: millennials won't answer the doorbell???

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