Today's goals:

- 2 loads of dishes
- Clean the counters
- Sweep the kitchen
- maybe try writing a bit for that article if I have the energy
- take a nap
- maybe catch up on some sewing before going to bed for the night

You know, now that I think about it, I have never had another native person express discomfort in the idea of me reconnecting with my culture just because I'm light. Quite the opposite in fact. most of the support I get in that endeavor comes from other native people. maybe I should stop letting my anxiety get the better of me and just... get started.

Abortion rights under extreme threat in the US 

US #abortion rights: 39 Senators and 168 members of the House join an amicus brief, asking the #SCOTUS to reconsider or to repeal outright Roe v Wade.

oh my god, did the fucking dumbass get us into another goddamn war?

Gun control, racism, Just staying up at night thinking of dumb shit I've done in the past 

I remember once in freshman year in high school, my government teacher had us do an assignment about whether or not we should have gun control. This was also a partner project.

I was partnered with this black girl named Robin. She talked about her experiences with gun violence and police violence, and my ass had the gall to look her in the eyes and say "But what about the second amendment"

Robin, if you're out there, I am so sorry you had to put up with my racist dumbass. You deserved better

Christmas, cw request 

Yet another reminder to please CW your christmas toots. This is not a happy moment for everybody and cws allow us to filter it out easier


Disabled people don't have to be polite when asking for accessibility. It's our right.
No marginalized person needs to be polite when they demand not to be discriminated against. It's their right.
Fuck tone policing. Fuck respectability politics.

Christmas ment. 

my wife got me a calligraphy set for the solstice and I might cry

I'm painting an oceanic thresher in acrylic. It's her favorite shark.

She will receive this gift on Christmas

be mindful of your language, here are some PC (patriotically correct) terms to replace outdated and offensive ones:

❌ installed a dictatorship ✅ liberated a nation from communist influence
❌ anti-union ✅ pro-consumer
❌ queerphobic ✅ expression of religious liberty
❌ genocide of the natives ✅ agreement to share land
❌ corporate discrimination against minorities ✅ freedom of speech
❌ racist slurs ✅ freedom of speech
❌ refusing to serve gay people ✅ freedom of speech
❌ refusing to serve straight people ✅ violation of free speech
❌ concentration camps ✅ summer camps

If anyone can show solidarity to a queer Jew with more bills than money, this is my help me afford winter power bills request. Kick in via PayPal to

Fun fact: lesbians have never exclusively owned 'butch' and any lesbian that disagrees can rip the word from my cold, dead, gender non-conforming hands. :blobuwu:

Capitalism, Brands 

Found this on r/DankLeft

seattle creep alert (cw assault, alcohol) 

don't get in a car with this man! i was falling down drunk last night and he followed me inside and tried to kiss me, wouldn't leave until i showed him my pepper spray and made clear i was willing to use it

capitalism, violence but positive 

A toilet with a 15 degree slope to make it easier to drown your boss in the bowl.

Honestly, you don't even know what it was like to be a poc after the election. The day after, I was legit scared to leave the apartment. I was scared to be on campus and know that fuckin any of these people could've been the ones who voted him in. A friend from Taiwan said she got shouted at on the street that now he's in office and she needs to go back to where she came from.

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Things haven't gotten much better. I've heard Nazi chants walk through my apartment complex. In my hometown I saw 2 white men with the red hats at a 1776 themed bar. I'm legit scared of cars or houses that wave the American flag.

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