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"I have seen a lot of pundits say that “they don’t really mean ‘abolish the police’ they just mean reform” and while I’m sure that is true in some circles, it needs to be said that many of us *absolutely* mean abolish the police."

From The Mary Sue: Yes, Some of Us Actually Want to Abolish/Defund the Police


All these podcasts and brands that rarely interact with Black people are now talking about Black Lives Matter. Feels fake af.

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"Given the implications of policy surrounding police violence can mean the difference between life and death, the implications of using faulty data science and statistical analysis to make claims as large as these are irresponsible and may serve as an out for leaders and politicians looking for alternatives to more transformative demands."

From Medium: is Based on Faulty Data Science medium.com/@8cantwait.faulty/8

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"And in a world where the pains and traumas that Black women and girls experience as a consequence of both racism and sexism remain structurally invisible and impermeable to broad empathy, these killings recede from the foreground quietly."

From Time.com: Why Are Black Women and Girls Still an Afterthought in Our Outrage Over Police Violence? - time.com/5847970/police-brutal

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"Please explain to me why in 2020 I need to be spending any amount of energy on redeeming these people who use the police as their personal hitmen because they know they can? At the very least, these people deserve to be ostracized."

From Medium: Maybe Lives Do Need to Be Torn Apart - level.medium.com/maybe-lives-d

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From Medium: Maintaining Professionalism In The Age of Black Death Is...A Lot - medium.com/@shenequagolding/ma

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Inda & I made another BGS! We talk about some Squeeworthy News, show love to Joi Gilliam in Inda’s Corner and turn Womanist Vocab into Catch the Fade l for a little bit!



Sigh. We're just one of the party's most loyal bases of supporters. Not a must that we be represented. smfh

From NBC News: A black woman is 'not a must' for Biden's running mate, Clyburn says


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"If you feel ‘stage fright’ on Zoom calls, stop to consider those Autists who feel that way our entire lives. And we can’t just turn the camera off."

'Zoom Fatigue': A Taste of the Autistic Experience

Complaining about Zoom calls and wishing to be back in the office is the new 'talk about the weather'.

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Mainstream writers who want to add a nominal bit of diversity to their novels: “There was a big Black man at the door. He doesn’t have a name or a personality. But he’s big and he’s Black.”


Respiration Remix - BlackStar feat. Black Thought (Produced by Pete Rock)


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I’m gonna listen to some music to adjust my mood before I have to sign in for work.

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I woke up still annoyed by yesterday’s bs. Don’t mind me.


Social media likes to emphasize checking in on ‘the strong ones’. But they only ever mean for people to check up on them. It’s how you know folks are full of it.

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