What great news came in our emails this week! We have received a grant to travel to Bali, to participate in the design challenge at the Bali Fab Fest, the world's largest Fab Lab event. We will be researching and designing bio-materials made from mycelium, the roots of mushrooms!

We will take this chance to see Indonesia in a broader sense, to immerse ourselves in its energy. Indonesia is the birthplace of tempe(h), and we couldn't have found a more meaningful destination. We will be able to learn everything we ever wanted to know about our favourite fermented product, to be with the people who make it, in its natural environment. The Domingo Club can only grow from this, and we can't wait!


wow, what a dream opportunity! congratulations! looking forward to following your experiences :)

@glyph Thank you! A whole range of new sensations to discover… colours, smells, tastes, etc. We can't wait to be there!

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