We’ve been in our studio designing, making and coding our fermenter prototypes for a long time now and we miss sharing real moments with you around healthy and sustainable food. But we are getting there! So what are we busy with now?

@domingoclub i think it would be very interesting to host a ”build yr own fermenter” workshop at our hackerspace here in malmö :>


@cblgh That would be great! Do you have any kind of mobility programme?

@cblgh Sorry, it wasn't clear. I meant travel funding. For example, a Fab Lab in Milan wants to have us to an event and they are looking into a talent mobility programme to invite us. I was wondering if you had access to something like that.

@domingoclub aha! no there’s nothing official in place (we’re scrappy :3) but i can look into the possibility of crowdfunding that when the details are clearer & dates closer :)

another option i was considering, if it would be possible, was to bulk buy the components from y’all and get DIY workshop instructions as part of the package, enabling spaces like ours to have a workshop, participants to build their own fermenters, and domingo club to get some incoming revenue :~

@cblgh The instructions for the DIY fermenter are in the pipeline, one of our ideas is to do exactly what you describe :) maybe we can see together how to make it work remotely in the best possible way? As a pilot workshop.

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