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Hi, Im runKleisli,

I make drawings & figurines, math, code, & technological info for improving communities, amongst other things.
Im looking for $200/mo in funding to cover rent & utilities! Im permanently disabled.

Art page: @runKleisli
Poverty reduction blog:

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an alternative to Twitch,
w/c is owned by Amazon.

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racist software 

If you don't know how to stop a tank - stop a tank factory.
Or one of hundreds of other institutions we collected on this map. They are all supporting and benefiting from the mass murder of the people of !


follow the link to see that full map:
(note about the map: it's open for editing. So feel free to join maintaining it.)

US/USA, land, private property 

US/USA, land, private property 

US, land, the SSI, modern slavery, private property, long 

US, land, the SSI, modern slavery, private property, long 

US, land, the SSI, modern slavery, private property, long 

Support the artists in ur community! They labor for ur entertainment, dont make other ppl work their whole lives for free just to die without housing. It doesnt take much to improve someones chance of survival.

Houston, TX, housing search, boosts++ 

notice to remove sexual drawings, 

instance request, art 

Today people are marching from Ruocco Park to Waterfront Park to call for the abolishment of ICE.

I’m at the County Administration Building right now as people speak.

Violences polcières, menaces, Street Medics 

Here is reusing old sewed table cloths with putting them close to lights that light up at night etc.

One of my go to fantasies is soaking in a Jacuzi or hot spring with my girlfriends.

Attack On Titan, meta, spoilers 

lewd food post what the fuck 

Pigs recorded using tools for the first time | National Geographic

The observations could signal a new cognitive skill previously unknown amid swine, which are well known for their intelligence.

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