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I despise rules stopping people from growing food. But thankfully, a lot of people only know about 5 types of vegetable.

You can grow plants which are both ornamental and edible. Amaranth, for instance, is often grown for its flowers but the leaves can also be cooked like spinach. Nasturtiums are another one.

Several plants also have edible flowers. You may consider growing a few. If anyone asks, you鈥檙e just growing flowers.

seeking 拢200,000 of lottery funding for my conservation work (driving into the forest in my range rover and feeding all of the wolves out of a baby bottle)

New Zealand's domestic spies, obsessed with illegally surveilling environmental activists, missed a heavily armed right-wing terrorist

random trans person on the Internet: I'm smol... but also tol
me, inside: I have a lot of thoughts on this, the way my transition inverted me from a 'small m*n' to a 'tall woman,' & the ways that my gender & the gender of others represent ruptures in the accurate perception of size鈥 people overestimating my height by inches, people assuming clothes I'm holding which they have seen me wear won't fit my body... I see related social illusions in variables like age & weight鈥
me, outside: haha yeah

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okay i've decided that i'm turning off all of the free ebooks bots (that i host) in 72 hours. for the 5.5% of you who pay for yours, nothing will change, except they might reply a bit faster.

so what are your options? well:
- you can do nothing, and have them disappear. i'll be able to restore them if you decide to pay later.
- you can host it yourself. i'll give you the login credentials and the necessary files.
- you can find someone else to host if for you, either for less money or for free. i'm sure someone else is willing to do this for you.

here's a link to the tutorial on hosting the bot yourself:

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