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an alternative to Twitch,
w/c is owned by Amazon.

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@switchingsocial Intrusive corporate surveillance.

Great to have an alternative voice assistant!

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If anyone would like to comment on our design, here's the tentative design! This is a chunk of land that gets full sun all day long. South is on the bottom there. Each square is 9 inches

going from left to right and south to the north side:
- Sunflowers (that will be thinned),
- winged beans and a mix of like greenbeans
- pepita pumpkins and rouge vit d'etapes pumpkins
- potentially, leeks to fill up any space that may be left
- banana peppers and cabbages
- radishes and onions

In my two week stupor, I did manage to make TWO things!!

I OFFICIALLY GRADUATED so I really DID make pro social medias! I'm Annastasia_Hinz on the birdsite and on the hellsite! (I will also have a matching dreamwidth! The one I have now I'm gonna switch back to chaosonwheels lol)

ChaoticCliche will be where I post all my writing and writing endeavors, so if you wanna keep up with what I'm doing, please follow! I even have a matching masto @!

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I take extra fucking time to make the scrambled eggs extra nice and make really small curds which will make them taste super nice and creamy, which leads my mum to fucking try and WRESTLE A HOT PAN OUT OF MY HANDS after I explain to her that the eggs are super done already JUST BECAUSE I KNOW SHE LIKES THEM REALLY DONE and they're gonna turn into fucking sponge if she cooks them longer

Waiting for the day when I can do mathematics w/out an assault or threat of assault coming w/in the next few days. Going on 0/3 for living situations in that regard.

Let me get comfortable, tune out, smoke a J & drink good coffee maybe?

Math work is work.

Autistic People. So, new Research. Different social skills, not broken ones.

"In essence, what we are demonstrating for the first time is that autistic people's social behaviour includes effective communication and effective social interaction, in direct contradiction of the diagnostic criteria for autism. We have, for the first time, uncovered empirical evidence that there is a form of social intelligence that is specific to autistic people."

In other words, different social skills, not broken ones. We have our own social signalling and can co-operate and interact effectively....with each other. Likewise, non-autistic people can generally co-operate and interact effectively...with each other. But put one of each group together, and they both tend to misunderstand one another. They don't feel rapport with one another, that sense that you just 'click' with someone and understand them.

This isn't a new theory, of course. Dr Damian Milton has been discussing Double Empathy theory for a while now.

3d computer graphics tips:

- devote all of your time to making the lighting look as good as possible for the style

- it literally does not matter what anything else looks like.

Wow! What an album:

Info from Bandcamp "Wolastoqiyik Lintuwa:konawa is the debut album by Canadian composer and tenor, Jeremy Dutcher – which involves post-classical rearrangement of his Wolastoq First Nation traditional music. Granted access to the Canadian Museum of History, Jeremy discovered wax cylinders from 1907 of his ancestors singing forgotten songs and stories that had been taken from the Wolastoqiyik Nation generations ago. The album is Jeremy’s contribution to his heritage and community in attempts to revitalize the Wolastoq language to the world, which has less than 100 speakers alive today. This collection of ground breaking post-classical arrangements is truly one of a kind and recalls the mood of Rufus Wainwright's operatic performance or the haunting pop of Anthony & The Johnsons. "

#classical #indigenous #neoclassical #music #bandcamp

The first Pride was a riot.

Trans women of color started the fight for queer liberation fifty years ago.

Today, queer immigrants, people of color and sex workers still face police violence.

No cops at pride.


White people are more careful about avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers than they are about avoiding racism.

anti-LGBT protesters in birmingham threw eggs at LGBT people who had been invited by the school to hang banners promoting love and diversity.

centrists immediately started crowing that this is what the left has brought on itself.

if you can't see the difference between milkshaking a fascist and egging LGBT people, you might be a centrist piece of shit

POV: my aborted gf fucks me ghostbusters style

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Still alive. In an apt w/ no WiFi!

Deep manipulation & abuse from the ppl in the old place.
Someone I spent my whole life w/ turning out to be a totally different person. Using everything they could against me. Cutting me out of economic options even beyond whats advantageous to them.

Suspect them to be covert white supremacists, & have heard expressions to this effect that I thought were trolling but am starting to take seriously.

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