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Raised beds in the garden. We are going to produce a bit more food 

end . Picture of raised bed in the garden. Made with recycled fence panels.

Natural yeast bread. Contains gluten 

7 hours of raising. (image of home made bread with sesame seeds on top)

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People who think that there would be no scientists or "innovation" without capitalism seem to be living in some imaginary world where scientists get paid a lot. People become scientists *despite* capitalism. Capitalism tries to sabotage science at every turn.

Hi folks, I am dibek just joined this amazing place. I am interested in growing vegs, politics (but not parties), music and glbtq things.
I am also interested in ethical hacking and I would like to help create connections with people around the world.

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every lawn a veggie garden. every golf course also a veggie garden. skyscraper walls and windows? guessed it, veggie gardens

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Sexual Health, STI testing, 

Get tested folks! It only takes a minute.

If you have a LGBT specific service, deffo go for that.

Unfortunately not all placed have services as good services as I have in my city. You may have to make do.

Just had the loveliest health worker ever. We chatted about Muay Thai and hacking and she was super nice!

Thankfully, only wee'd on my hands a little bit this time. Mostly went in the test tube :blobpats:

Sunbeam City 🌻

Sunbeam City is a anticapitalist, antifascist solarpunk instance that is run collectively.