More correct headline IMHO: "Irish Data Protection Commission seizes #Facebook offices in Ireland" I have been waiting for years for that headline. Good job!

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It's like my entire life prepared me for this... 🤔

Wrote a short thing about the Irish Election results, and what this could mean for the future of the country.

Is there any way on the user side to mask a given users toots behind a CW? Preferably one based in a regex of the content of their posts?

Some people, while I’m sure they’re well meaning and all, just post here without any semblance of a CW on clearly CW-worthy material...

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This is a fight for what we believe in. That fight won't happen on twitter, paying cash into Jack's pockets, or on YouTube or Faecbook. That happens in the real world, with real people fighting for real change.

Find something near you, and join in.

We're better than this.


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They will press their ludicrous American Freedumb of Speech on us all, feeding private profit in the name of liberty.

They will do this because we let them. They will do this because all they give a shit about is their bottom line. They pretend otherwise, but all the evidence suggests that's the simple truth.

As long as we continue to serve them, they will continue to destroy us.

As long as we fail to rein in their avarice, their hatred for humanity, their utter disregard for the consequences of their actions, there will be more Brexits. There will be more Trumps, more Salvinis, more Orbans, more Borises.

We have a simple choice, to accept that our society as we know it is doomed, with a chosen elite fucking off to Mars with St. Elon, or we can start to change the world around us.

That started centuries ago. We have been set back by these peddlers of hate. That continues today, and every day. As you watch the lied to, the preyed upon, the deceived, remember that.


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It is important to remember today, Brexit Day, that there is nothing uniquely terrible about the British or the English people which has caused this monstrosity. They're just people, the tropes and lies which this idiocy rests on are not special or specific.

This could be happening anywhere, to any of us. If we are not careful, then this *will* be happening everywhere, to all us.

As long as we continue to fail to deal with the peddlers of division and hatred, we all risk the same miserable fate.

As long as we permit the disruption of civil society by Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Nadella and their like, this will keep happening. We know they care little for society, for democracy, for the interests of the vast majority of the human race or the planet we share.

They will continue to peddle hatred. They will continue to amplify the voices of the worst among us, the racist, the prejudiced, the hater. 1/

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There’s something very 21C about this story; the idea that a wave of human suffering results in an uptick of players of a game which models pandemics, and puts the player in he role of an aggressive virus.

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