the representation matter 

I passed so long thinking I just couldn't feel things very good, because I could never relate to fictional characters and never could say "Yeah, I cried so much when X died in book whatever!"
Watching One Day at a Time and reading Magnus Chase really made me realise I couldn't relate because these other characters weren't like me. Because you can bet I will be crying my ass off seeing neurodivergent, lgbtq+ narratives.
I'm not fucking broken, they just failed to show me something I could relate to

Hey US folks, here's a question for you. The border between Mexico and Texas is the Rio Grande, and you can't build a wall in the middle of it. You also cannot build the wall south of the river, since it's Mexico. They won't be able to build it adjacent to the river, 'cause of the soft ground, flooding, etc. So it'd have to be built some distance from the riverbank, say 50 to 100 feet away. How long do you think it'll take before folks in Texas realize that the US Government effectively ceded 50-100 feet by the length of the Rio Grande of the State of Texas, to Mexico?

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