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@humanetech @nicol first I heard about it, got any links?

re: Twitter / Bluesky 

@rhiaro @humanetech @nicol

The announcement came together with the news that The Elon wants money for "state actors" or organisations.

From 1 article
“Bluesky joined a field already occupied by several decentralized networking protocols, including ActivityPub, which powers the Mastodon platform. But its researchers have stressed that they’re trying to learn from and build on these efforts, not simply replicate them. ADX is a long-awaited step forward — and a chance to see if that promise holds up.”

re: Twitter / Bluesky 

@sl007 @rhiaro @humanetech @nicol “we can sign content by the user's key” – I don’t like the sound of that at all. So they’re going to hold the private keys. (Of course.) I mean, this is likely going to be the worst possible right-libertarian and corporate implementation of such a thing given who’s behind it. Not sure why we even still give billionaires the benefit of the doubt. No billionaire or trillion-dollar corporation is your friend.

@aral @sl007 @rhiaro @humanetech @nicol It's worth looking at who the initial team is. They made a pretty straight forward announcement that they are now 100% independent of twitter as well and set up a PBC to show it.

@aral @sl007 @rhiaro @humanetech @nicol yeah that seems a bit shady they say here they just were funded 13 million but don't say from whomst

@humanetech @liaizon @sl007 @rhiaro @nicol I’ll tell you what they’re going to do: They’re going to integrate some sort of cryptocurrency into it. And likely tie your actual identity to it. Basically, I don’t intend to wait and find out and neither should you. Keep working on alternatives. Don’t let this make you complacent.


@aral @humanetech @liaizon @sl007 @rhiaro @nicol

I believe they received startup funding from Twitter. I chatted with Golda Velez and she wanted to stress they were separate.

But yes, no reason for fediverse devs to stop what they're doing. Pull whatever seems valuable and discard the rest seems reasonable.

@derek @humanetech @liaizon @sl007 @rhiaro @nicol Indeed. We love this in the tech world. Who pays you? Elon? Ah, so you work for Elon? No, no, we’re 100% independent.

Ah… it’s actually quite sweet when you think about it :)

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