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it helps that I was, like, talking to lefty-progressive gay and trans people offline, and that my queer brother is a Marxist. online has significant drift from attachment to the real world

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given that I radicalized left while using both imageboards and Tumblr, and both of those platforms did a lot to radicalize me left, it's fucking bizarre that I'm not a primmie, an accelerationist, or some kind of Trot

food | making kimchi 

phew, didn't know this was gonna be a day's work, but v happy with how it looks now

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going through the application process i remembered there once was a time where i, a white collar coffee shop graphic designer, actually worked at a zoo as a landscaper

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okay dog shelter said no, but redirected me to another animal shelter. they have bunnies and cats there, please take me

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i just sent a volunteering application to my local dog shelter, wish me luck! 🐶

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*tick tick* the rosy maple moth is probably my favorite creature right now.

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#selfie but so what i've felt homesick the entire day i just wanna go back to this wonderful day at a park reading with my true soulmate i miss you so much 

ps he was not forced to be with me for the pics

What can I do for you? What’s wrong? Not enough what, sunlight? Warmth? Space?

Worried: LOW TURGOR PRESSURE??? Oh no why…
Update: Took babies off the windowsill, I think it’s too cold during the night.

Lost one of the cuttings. Why’d you CRAWL OUT OF WATER?? HOW????

Hopefully they’ll have enough sunlight like this. Mommy kisses goodnight.

First time propagating basil and sage from cuttings

4 longer and 7 shorter cuttings from the mother plant.
- Cut right under the leaf node
- Removed lower leafs
- Put all cuttings into water
- Left mother plants still in soil
- Eaten the rest with pasta, does this count as First Harvest? Semi feels like it

selfie, no EC 

Got some fresh basil and sage from the shop. Let’s see what happens. Also added a 20L soil pack into the cart, just in case.

behold i'm finally logging my garden activity

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