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time for a formal

saluton! I'm Theodore (and any bastardisation/nickname of it you can think of). I'm bi, vegan, australian and anarcho-communist. I came out as trans to my family & friends two months ago which has been... complicated; and I'm somewhere between nonbinary and a boy.

I adore architecture, history, art, film language, and reading. hmu if you ever need a recommendation and expect movie/book opinions.

on private for now bc I post personal stuff but I'm p chill.

depeche mode were right.... it really is a lot like life

I love mastodon but i feel like every time I log on I catch y'all halfway through heated rants and I have no idea whats going on lmao god bless

πŸ’« star trek: into darkness 

the soundtrack for the first sims game makes for surprisingly good study music. it's just something about that new age improvisational piano jazz.

I wanna smoke whatever it is Friar Lawrence has been smokin

:boost_ok: prayer request (impending death of a family member) 

:boost_no: impending death of a family member 

:_stars: star trek: discovery 

I'm living as G-d intended (knitting while watching star trek tng)

I watched Star Trek for the first time in months yesterday while knitting, I forgot how healing it is lmao


the guest lecturer we've had at the readings this week, is wearing a tshirt that my normal lecturer has also worn....... do they Happen to have the same cringey Morrissey shirt? or is she wearing his shirt? πŸ€”

transmeds cw 

The Goldfinch (2019) 

neonazi use of πŸ‘Œ 

I know it's petty but I find it kinda grating that social media gets so hyped abt seasons in the northern hemisphere, and whenever I mention that it's winter here, people are like 'OH I forgot that the southern hemisphere exists/is like that!! that's insane!!!' like plenty of people live in the southern hemisphere, come on. The Oppression never ends smh.

long thoughts on 'anti-consumerism' in entertainment 

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