bought a copy of Marcus Aurelius' Meditations yesterday πŸ₯°

I just got the audiobook for Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe, a book on pre-colonial agriculture in Australia written by an Aboriginal man. I've had a reservation for two months I'm so excited.

if anyone is interested in the audio files, DM/reply and I will get an upload link up ❣️

book info:

uspol, livestream of a protest 

livestream a current peaceful protest in minneapolis surrounded by police

current projects 

:ac_leaf: finish knitting the second fingerless glove in a pair

:ac_leaf: make two welsh wigs (a weird beanie from an 1840s tv show I watched called The Terror); one is for the friend who got me into the show and it will be bright orange because that's what is at home lmao

:ac_leaf: design a zine for dealing w/ a meltdown & post them to friends

:ac_leaf: post gift for friend's birthday

:ac_leaf: finish d&d character & prepare for session zero

:ac_leaf: get back into studying esperanto w/ books & vocab now that I've finished the duo course

every november I'm like why the hell didnt i plan something for nanowrimo? forgetting that october is always a super super busy time and that I shouldn't need nano as an excuse to get off my arse and write something lmao

sooo obsessed with this yarn my friend gave me. I'm gonna make the softest cowl.

new boot goofin 

my parents got me a pair of vegan platform docs for my 21st I'm in love!!!!!!! 😭

picrew of oc 

I don't even have a name for him yet but he's a desi half-elf monk and I love him already

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my parents are buying me vegan platform docs for my birthday 😭 :rainbowdance:

found a link to a doc that is a safety checklist for americans concerned abt the aftermath of the election. stay safe comrades :_gayheart2: :boost_ok:

Spent four hours building a character for my first ever d&d campain i'm sooooo excited!!!!!!!!

so I feel like that's pretty indicative of the circles we move in

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I mentioned to my dad & brother that I watched Venom (2018) the other day and really enjoyed it, and how it made me want to rewatch The Shape of Water and they were like "huh?? what's the connection there?"



I want to try my hand at video editing, does anyone have experience with shotcut? it's foss.

I only haven't given up because I like Anton Yelchin and Mia Wasikowska :/

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I'm watching Only Lovers Left Alive and I've never seen anyone have less chemistry than Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston. and the fact that they are supposed to be Adam & Eve, the original lovers, is frankly offensive.

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