Today’s card is the Hanged One. It’s a day to look inwards and take care of yourself however feels best to you, even if it seems odd to others

anyway this bit has been a long time coming, and thank you to everyone who helped make this happen. may i present to you: the hamburger lingerie 🍔💖🍔💖🍔

(cw: pictures of triz in hamburger lingerie)

I've been thinking about how aromanticism is intertwined with environmental activism.

The aromantic struggle is one that fundamentally opposes and works to dismantle amatonormativity. Amatonormativity works to privilege romantic and sexual monogamous relationships above all else and to obscure and punish other ways of relating. That includes not only the relationships we have with each other but also our relationship to land, nature, plants and animals.

Amatonormativity works to divide the world into small isolated family units. It defines in ways that center the couple form. It devalues and dismisses the connections we have outside of that. It works to isolate us in small definable units.


Post-apocalyptic scenario where people mostly work in manual labour (e.g. smiths, millers) but use today's work titles as names. No more John Smiths working as customer relations managers, it's John Customer Relations Managers working as smiths

'Rooted in the cultivation of Indigenous food sovereignty and elevating and preserving Indigenous Narratives, I-Collective is developing a Cookbook and Community Journal with supplemental Webinar Series to assist in strengthening the connection of our people to their food. Indigenous food sovereignty is critical because many health issues are tied to colonialism and the exploitation of resources, land, and people.'

*Costs $7 bucks.

"Nobody wants to work anymore" lmaooooo fuck no we don't

I need some help.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in a car accident. I wasn't injured, but my car might be totaled.

Since I rely on my car for work, I'm kinda panicking about paying bills and whatnot.

I set up a #gofundme (link below) and got a fair amount of donations at first (very grateful to those folks), but those have nearly all been used up already.

We're getting low on groceries again, I need to refill my meds, we're running low on toiletries, and we've still got 5 or 6 utility and service bills coming up—most of which I'm already behind on.

Please give if you can; every little bit helps, and will be appreciated. And please share this post, even if you can't give.

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund #pleasehelp #signalboost

They are gay
They are dating
They are wanted for crimes against the state

yes you can right click and save but do you own it?? hhmmm??? do you own the work? like you NEED to own the work, otherwise, um, your emotional attachment to the art is WORTHLESS, and you can't PROVE to other PEOPLE that you like the art you like

Piracy good
Emulation good
Preserving any form of media is fucking good

Fuck you

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BEWARE: As Halloween gets closer, police are warning parents to LOOK at your child’s candy before they eat it. Some houses are reportedly handing out Amber bear amulets of neolithic hunters, 1700-650 BCE, found in Slupsk, Poland

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