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eating disorder 

ok like I no longer have a hunch (I've had since age 10 bc chest dysphoria) after spending some years doing excersises to get rid of it, and also I'm recovering from my ED which def stunted my growth in first puberty so those are two factors that could explain this. I mean I didn't expect any growth and I don't wanna get my hopes up but god I do hope I get a few more cm so I can be a solid 170 cm at least

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omg Im at a hospital appointment and turns out I've gained like 3-5 cm of height?? I'm on t but also like my growth plates were nearly fused like a decade ago according to X rays? I mean I'm not complaining, in fact I'm really happy, but also like wtf

Happy Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week!!!!
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what's up gamers, anyone know how to deal with a stalker without the police being involved?

Transformers have top and bottoms but its just about whether your the torso or the legs when you combine.

if sleepy is a crime then I'm a full-time criminal 😴


god just. government people saying and mandating conflicting shit and news sites just either repeating them or making up conspiracies is. fucked. I literally can only rely on me and what I put together from what other people I trust have observed around us, and I know how fallible that system of info is. even the raw numbers are hard to take at face value cause they never mention the criteria for the stats, or mention the ways in which the collection of data could fall short.

People who use it/its are braver than the troops.

"Jaywalking" as a crime was invented by car companies in the 20s, to shift blame to people on foot for being hit by cars. "Littering" was invented in the 50s by paper cup and tin can manufacturers to shift blame to people who drop trash. The phrase "personal carbon footprint" came from a BP marketing campaign intended to shift blame for climate change away from petrochemical companies to individuals.

When they call themselves "the party of personal responsibility"?

This is what that means.

i suck at capitalism and this is a good thing.
i suck at capitalism and this is a good thing.
i suck at capitalism and this is a good thing.
it does not feel good because i am trying to survive and it is a system that very much wants to destroy me, but for my heart's sake: i suck at capitalism and it is still a good thing.

Boost if the first girl is just as pretty as the second girl

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being queer is when u make up ur own rules to then immediately break them

Seems like piracy is becoming more and more something of an arcane magic. I will watch my family members go through every streaming service and not find their desired media.

I am a little like a druid or mage, who is able to conjure moving images for free from a computer. I happily pirate any movie or TV show, but it does make me sad that people will remain in the DRM maze, and not wonder about the world beyond it.

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