*transes my gender* can't talk, doing hot enby shit

climate change 

it's summer and it's cold and rainy. love to watch the planet die in real time

Start a gaming club, walk with comrades, start trying to unionise your workplace, start a co-op. Play football. Paint a picture. Make some beats. Educate yourselves on your history. Learn to cry. Educate those younger than yourself. Ride a bike. Support others in the struggle. Learn to fight. Know your enemy. Tell your friends that you love them. Help someone who is in crisis. Smile at other's in the street. Help someone with their tech woes or maybe just stay in bed and rest.

But whatever you do, do it together. Build infrastructure. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe in a better world. Focus on what you can change.

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If you're reading this and am feeling unsure about what to do next, take a look at your life.

Think of the parts of your life where you feel the most atomised and alone. Where you feel you have no agency or dignity. Where you feel the boot of capitalism at your throat.

That is where you should look to organise.

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I'm low on energy today so here's an old drawing that fits the mood

too many gfs and we all wear black. polydesaturated

Reminder for anyone willing to defend cops to please
- unfollow me
- delete your account
- take a walk to the nearest motorway and play with the lights

cant talk im doing hot girl shit (staring dreamily at a fluffy cat while my pupils turn into heart shapes)

doctors don't decide whether you're trans or not. that is decided by how many picrew avatars you have made for yourself

2021 is the year when you can stop using ableist language and metaphors to describe people and things you don't like.

kick flipping over a cop bleeding out on the street

stimulus redistribution, fundraising, boosts + 

An idea! For anyone who a) wishes to see the Shine family become financially independent again and b) received a covid stimulus they wish to partially redistribute to those in need, I have an option for you!

We are trying to afford a computer so my wife can work again. Her specialty requires high specs. We have $800 to spare to start, but the more we invest the better work she can do! Details within:

paypal.me/pools/c/8vHiqyNeDc (no account required)

trans people are like: [sees a sign] is this a new gender?

open to see two lesbians looking at each other 

*looks at you*

whatever cisgender is, it shouldnt be allowed in front of children

all asking for a tiny bit 

hey guys. I just need $20 if anyone wouldn't mind paypal.me/foxyart


Who wants to read Debt: The First 5,000 Years with me? UwU

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