all I want in life is to wake up early every morning to make breakfast and tea and coffee for catgirls and enbies and faes. is that really so much to ask

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lo-fi beats to shoot a police officer to

Having a terrible time at the grand prix because I don't see race

Watch out! liberals are gonna vote for the same tired shit they always do!

Choosing to take HRT by patch just so if anyone comments on my chest I can say "Oh these? they got buffed by the patch."

as of today Australia's in it's first recession in 30 years. I'm sure it's fine.

everyones always asking "what's bofa" but nobody ever asks "hows bofa"

its dead. thats how its doing. and it bloody well better stay that way

there is nothing bad or shameful or embarrassing about being autistic

imagine writing a sentence and not missing out at least one word

The feeling of holding a woman's hand boost if you agree

evolution is sooo boring. "oh, apples taste good because apple trees reproduce more efficiently when herbivores want to eat them"

fuck efficiency. that apple tree loves that deer. that deer loves that apple tree. they're gay. that's why apples taste good

If you get "corrupted" and you're no longer "just human" because the foreign power is now a part of you, so what?

Human purity only matters if you see life as inherently unequal.

Shed that purity, though, and suddenly things look so much more promising and fun.

Being a skeleton is tough in this economy, I can't even afford my own mausoleum I have to live in an ossuary

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