PSA: fuck you with a rusty fork if you exclude AMAB enbies from your non-men and gender queer spaces

tired: welcome, ladies and gentlemen
inspired: well howdy, folks
wired: look alive, meatbags!

Gender is a flimsy cardboard box that I will rip through with my sharp dino teeth! :dino:​

what's a pirate's favorite letter? 

For a crash course on the upcoming #ClimateStrike, different days of action, and an interview with one autonomous organizer, go here.

Earth Strike is starting soon for us! Solidarity to all comrades striking today! πŸ’›βœŠπŸ½

Getting a rib removed so I can nap on my own lap

Me: I wanna set the world on fire!
the world: climate change
me: not like that

* me sitting in the sunshine w my patch vest on*

solard. .. pum k...

disaster queer culture is forgetting you can't keysmash out loud and scaring your friends with the unholy noise that results

It warms my heart that all the transphobic Against Me! fans that swore off the band after LJG's transition missed Against Me! at their very very best, most energetic, and most creative years

I dont understand anything I say at this point but I sure do say it

idk what the future looks like for me but I hope it has snails

the eternal struggle of loving plants but not having the spoons and/or physical ability to properly care for them

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