"When queers are discriminated in the hiring process for being too gender deviant, too campy, too out, it is because we jarringly disrupt the capitalist fantasy of a brainless, emotionless, machine-like worker." - Queer Liberation is Class Struggle

Damn, that's such a good take, though.

I don't want people to assume that I'm a man or that I'm a woman when they first see me. When they see me, I want people to fear for their life

make sure your movement has space for your disabled comrades. Not everyone can be there all the time or on the front lines. Appreciate equally the efforts we make.

what's worst is knowing it'll get worse and worse from here on out. And the government isn't interested in climate action or funding emergency services

fucking terrified for all my NSW friends even Sydney itself's real close to being on fire

The hardest lesson to learn from being a fairly nerdy teenager was to decouple media consumption from my personality.

I really wish I read this one when I was first coming to anarchism. I was daunted by the length, but didn't realize Berkman wrote 'What is Communist Anarchism?' in plain language, with the intention of making it understandable to anyone (not to mention easily translatable)

📖 theanarchistlibrary.org/librar

🎧 invidio.us/playlist?list=PLTeH

The secret goal of Mastodon is to create a majority-anarchist environment such that any individual who joins will be exposed to those ideas to the extent that they're properly explained and normalized to them, then occasionally bring in new batches of people with enough time in between for the old batch to be subsumed into the antiauthoritarian mindset before the new batch arrives

It's all part of our Cultural Anarchist agenda, you see

Autism Stereotypes 

Kinda just want the wind to just straight up yeet me. Let nature reclaim me



but for MEN

I wanna plant tomatoes again, despite having killed them like 5 years in a row. This is my curse

This is for all the trans people older than 30 because you're the reason I exist :blobheart:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Singular they
Predates singular you

ultimate oral stim for autistic comrades: chewing on the bones of landlords

Just like intellectuals made 'queering' into a toothless thought experiment that doesn't really effect queers, they seem to be doing the same to the verb 'decolonize'.

To decolonize means to stop the process of colonialism and get the colonist out.

So you can't decolonize a museum by changing the wording of the signs, you have to actually return the stolen art, ALL of it.
You can't decolonize Anthropology by writing papers. You have to actually stop studying POC to advance your white career.

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